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HDR lightning

Figuring out anti-ghosting settings...

Figuring out anti-ghosting settings...
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outside PRO+
outside September 16, 2016
congrats on your win, great shot!
ovosphotography January 21, 2017
llowzz PRO+
llowzz June 03, 2017
Congratulations on your win.Great photography and editing.. Inspirational !!
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden June 04, 2017
Congratulations on your Challenge Award, great capture!
Bookins June 04, 2017
Well done, great capture
dianadowhower PRO+
dianadowhower June 06, 2017

Behind The Lens

This was taken on highway 380 east of Newcastle Texas. I had pulled over to get shots of a cool auto/truck/sign graveyard I found when the storm rolled in.
This shot was taken in the late afternoon on a summer day, around 5:00PM. It only looks dark due to the storm, the sun was still fairly high in the sky
This is an HDR combo of three shots, but only one of them really captured the lightning bolt - the others helped bring out the colors in the surrounding landscape that the lightning washed out. I'm still learning what HDR can and can't do, but when it works it allows for some pretty cool shots!
For this shot I was just sitting on the tailgate of my truck holding the camera steady in my lap - I didn't mess with a tripod; I sat there for almost 20 minutes and took a couple hundred shots trying to capture a decent bolt, and I didn't want to have everything get wet when the downpour started! I used a Canon 70D and Tamron 16-300mm lens.
I've always wanted to capture a decent lightning strike; when the storm started rolling in I switched gears, put everything else up, and focused on the storm.
This is an HDR combined from 3 bracketed shots using Lightroom and Google NIC tools. I did enhance colors and remove some orange construction barrels from the shot that I thought were distracting, but the bolt itself is untouched.
In my camera bag
I'm still at the amature level, so I'm still experimenting with what works. I have a Canon T4i and 70D and a number of lenses ranging from a 8mm diagonal fisheye to a Sigma 200-500mm telephoto. I'm usually looking for cool things at random while traveling, so I don't get to plan a lot of shots beforehand - I've found I spend the most time with wide-angle lenses and a 17-300mm Tamron, the Tamron's range lets you capture almost anything on the fly.
Be patient and use the fastest camera you have. If it can take multiple shots turn that feature on to capture lightning. There is often a smaller 'leader' bolt a split second before a big one strikes, when I thought one was coming I just let my reflexes take over and started snapping. I had a couple hundred shots of nothing, but all it takes is one to make it worth it!

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