Utensils on Ultracolor

Have you ever had dinner guests over and wanted to impress them, but just didn't have the goods to do so?

Greedy Inc. has the solution you&#...
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Have you ever had dinner guests over and wanted to impress them, but just didn't have the goods to do so?

Greedy Inc. has the solution you've been looking for, Ultracolor placemats.
These low-grade placemats look fabulously overpriced, which they are, at $799.00 each.
Price aside, you will be proud as your guests are "Wowed" by your new purchase; that is, until they find out you can't cook worth shit.

At least your guests will have something pretty to look at, while they attempt to force down your wretched cooking.

Did your guests just vomit up your vile food ?

Don't worry, your new placemats are a cinch to clean with our Industrial Strength Rainbow Cleanser ($1,200 per ounce ).

With Ultracolor memories of projectile vomiting, severe abdominal cramps, and diarrhea that will last for days, your guests will have had a night they will never forget. Guaranteed !

Both products were made with one of the most precious materials on earth, Rainbow Extract, taken from real rainbows.

Our products were also made with some of the most toxic chemicals ever known to man.
The chemicals are so toxic, it is impossible to safely dispose of them.
Use of the chemicals is prohibited by the EPA.

We don't care if our products are made with illegal chemicals or not, because we manufacture them in a third world country in underground labor camps, and the chemical waste is dumped into an abandoned well.

We're making killer profits, so who cares ?

Geedy Inc., - " Not so great products for you, or the earth. - Great profits for us ! ".

Photo info:
The knife and fork were shot on two overlapping DVDs under a single light source.

Photoshop was used only to slightly boost vibrance, contrast, and saturation.

Held at an extreme angle, DVD's can reflect intense colors. The tiniest shift in angle will cause a dramatic change in colors, seen in the disc's mirrored surface.

This is the first image in a series of DVD colors and Greedy Inc. advertisements.
Other images in this series can be found in my Viewbug album titled " Objects"
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KayBrewer Platinum
KayBrewer September 01, 2016
very good use of light and color
offpin22 December 25, 2016
Great lighting of the colors!
alexgaliano April 14, 2017
Amazing colors in this photo. I wonder how spectacular will look printing on acrylic!
Forrest_Imagery April 14, 2017
Thanks, I appreciate the comments.
Acrylic is a great idea! Food for thought. I have a thought about printing it on metal, just have not done so yet.
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