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Available Light shooting with Luzi

Available Light shooting with Luzi
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alexeykruchkovsky October 06, 2016
beautiful eyes
midnightsalad December 29, 2016
Such a beautiful face. Great photo. Kudos!
Pablo-Klik PRO
Pablo-Klik March 05, 2018

Behind The Lens

This picture was taken in my living room just in front of a big window. The model sat on a chair which I placed directly in front of the window, and I was taken the pictures from outside. The window was open of course :-)
I think this really was around noon. Not the perfect time for a photoshooting, but we wanted to try some new available light shots. It was a bit cloudy, so we didn't have too hard light.
No extras were used to do this shot, only the available light falling though that big window door.
at that time I still had my Canon 70D. I just bought the Canopn 50mm f1.4 and I was eager to try it.I had a lot of trouble shooting with it, because 1 out of 2 pictures was totally out of focus. As things turned out, the lens had a defect. That is why I was so happy that this particular picture was in focus!
this was one of my first shootings with available light. Before that I only had a studio with no windows in it, and I only shot with artificial lights and flashes. But I wanted to try the available light, because I love portraits with that deep depth in them, so I bought the lense Canon 50mm f1.4 for that special look, and it made so much fun, that I do these kinds of shots always before the official shootings. It only takes 10-20minutes to get some really great portraits.
The only post-processing with this picture was that I turned it into a black and white picture. And although the background was pretty dark, I added a vignette to it. And finally I emphasized her freckles a little bit, because I just love freckles. They bring out the cuteness in every model!
In my camera bag
Right now I am using my Canon 5D mark IV with the 50mm f1.4 lense for portraits. Sometimes I use my 100mm f2.8 macro for portraits too. I am just in love with that lense, so crisp and clear and always on focus! for all other pictures in the stzdio I use a 24-70mm f2.8. That really is a perfect lense for each and every picture you take!
Just try available light! Don't be afraid of it like I was before. And though I still haven't mastered the available light, it is still one of my favorites to work with!

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