The Grass is Always Greener...

Doe feeding in Cades Cove Smoky Mountain National Park

Doe feeding in Cades Cove Smoky Mountain National Park
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rocksandroses August 03, 2016
The grass is always greener...

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Behind The Lens

I saw this young doe on an evening drive through Cades Cove in Smoky Mountain National Park. Cades Cove is one of the recommended driving tours in the park and seems to have a lot of animal activity in the early morning and late evening. She was literally across the street from me.
It was pretty late in the evening and do not recall the exact time but guessing about 8:30 and was surprised to see this much activity this late in the day.
The sun as to the right, I believe, and was for the most part behind the mountains already but there was still a little golden light left. Was hoping it would come out in the image to show off her beautiful golden color.
Canon XS, Canon 85M 1.8 prime, while sitting in my car.
The surprise, mostly, of seeing a wild animal up so close. It is rare to have a chance to take so close a shot and get a good framing without a telephoto lense. She has a great golden color perfect for the golden hour photo.
I do not believe there was much post-processing. It was imported to my Mac so, at most, I used the enhance function which seems to do a little brightening on all my images from this camera.
In my camera bag
I have one DSLR, a Canon XS, the kit lense 70-300 III, Canon 85M 1.8 prime, Canon 17-55 2.8, Canon 580EX II.
Always be ready to take a pic with whatever is handy. Whether it is a heavy DSLR or light weight phone. In this case, I was lucky that the doe hung around long enough for me get the camera out of the back seat. I normally look for landscape pics not wildlife pics and do not really think of myself as a portrait photographer but know a little about it. So be ready to use all the skills you have and always seek new ones. It can make the photography think a lot of fun.

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