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ellenellen August 01, 2016
Lovely shot.
lindapersson August 01, 2016
Thank you, I appreciate it.
ryancleckner August 05, 2016
How? Just how-lol Very nice shot.
lindapersson August 05, 2016
Thank you! Well, I held on with one arm and photographed with the other. ;-) The rest is top secret. Ha ha
MusKatPhotography August 06, 2016
Great photo
lindapersson August 07, 2016
Thank you!
pamelaraineri August 08, 2016
What a shot, nice.
lindapersson August 08, 2016
Thank you so much!
rickymanumit1080 August 12, 2016
well done !
lindapersson August 12, 2016
Thanks :-)
BestJesus August 15, 2016
Great shot.
lindapersson August 15, 2016
Thank you!
vickinichol August 19, 2016
That's kind of what I was thinking, Like Ryancleckner said~How? Lol Amazing shot Linda, Just Love it!! :-) Were you a passenger or are you one of those people that stand on the outside of the plane? ;-)
lindapersson August 20, 2016
Ha ha, thanks! :-) Still top secret, though. ;-)
movahedi August 21, 2016
lindapersson August 22, 2016
Many thanks!
cdavidwharton August 25, 2016
Bravo!!! Love composition.....Great vantage point!!! Cheers!!!
lindapersson August 26, 2016
Thanks a bunch! :-)
brendamasurhansen September 11, 2016
Great shot! Makes me feel like i'm the one standing on the wing!!
lindapersson September 11, 2016
I'm happy to hear it, thank you!
Manoel September 21, 2016
Splendid shot!!! Congrats!!!
lindapersson September 21, 2016
Many thanks!
artcrowther September 27, 2016
It makes you feel like it is flying, and we're up there in the clouds. Great concept.
lindapersson September 27, 2016
Thank you! That's the whole idea. :-)
artcrowther September 27, 2016
Perhaps, we are.
MiguelVanSteenkiste October 04, 2016
Wonderful, like the movement of the propeler.
lindapersson October 04, 2016
Thank you! :-)
michaeltillman October 16, 2016
This shot appear to have been taken from the ground, just behind the tail section, with a beautiful sky in front with the engine running. Fantastic shot.
lindapersson December 03, 2016
Thank you!
CelsoPortasio December 03, 2016
Where are you ?
lindapersson December 03, 2016
I'm behind the camera. :-)
jacqueslouischabot January 03, 2017
Excellent shot, it makes me tingle just to see it.
lindapersson January 03, 2017
Thank you, I'm pleased to hear it. :-)
Katraz June 28, 2017
Looks trickyshopy to me ,Great shot.
lindapersson June 28, 2017
Thank you! :-)
waynecook July 11, 2017
Wonderful vantage point!
lindapersson July 11, 2017
Thank you!
scottvanderveer July 31, 2017
Wow. This is incredible
lindapersson July 31, 2017
Thank you so much!
StephenSPotterPhoto August 10, 2017
Great creativity! I'd like to see more shots like this!
lindapersson August 10, 2017
Yes, they help the imagination. I took another photo, similar to this but it needs a bit of work before publishing. And I need time to work on it so it's gonna take a while. :-)
MinuPrasanna12 April 29, 2018
Plane had a curve like a train? 😄 but still I know that’s still a secret... Excellent shot
lindapersson April 29, 2018
Thanks a bunch! :-)

Wing Walker

Flying high. This is a classic SAS passanger plane, probably 50s or 60s.
From an air show last weekend.

Flying high. This is a classic SAS passanger plane, probably 50s or 60s.
From an air show last weekend.
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