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reneebrunnmeier October 25, 2018
Beautiful image

Reflecting Dhow in Mozambique

Dhow in Mozambique in calm waters
Dhow in Mozambique in calm waters
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo a few years ago in the bay of Pemba, Mozambique. The Mozambican coastline is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
It was an early winter's morning but since Pemba is not too far from the equator the water was very pleasant to walk in... warm tropical waters as paradise is meant to be. Actually, a few minutes later my son and I were swimming in the water.
Morning light at around sunrise. I was looking to use the reflection so I walked around trying to get the perfect shot. I didn't want the couple of buildings on the beach to my left in the shot either and wanted more of the ocean backdrop.
Canon 5D with probably 28-70 lens. It was years ago. Handheld. Shot in RAW so I can edit afterwards in Photomatix.
I have always been mesmerized by the beauty of these dhows. They are endowed with character and when they are lying still in the shallow waters during low tide they are actually idyllic. When I look at this photo (I have an A1 block mounted hanging in my house) I am immediately transported to paradise, it symbolizes everything that the turquoise tropical beaches are like. You can even feel the breeze and smell the ocean.
A bit of tone enhancement of one single RAW file in Photomatix and Photoshop
In my camera bag
All my equipment that I can fit into the bag :) (I am desperate for a bigger bag so if someone wants to part with their big bag I am a willing recipient) Fujifilm XH-1, 18-135, 35mm F2, 56mm F1.2) 100-400, 12mm Rokinon, Flash, Lee Filters. Cleaning Equipment for sensor and lenses mini tripod, memory cards, shutter release and other small fittings
Scout a day before. Get there at least half an hour before you want to take your shot, this was taken around or just before sunrise. Make sure all gear is ready to take a landscape shot. Get water/ surfer booties so you can walk in the water without worrying about sharp shells or rocks. Go low, bend your knees, get close to the water surface. Take a few shots changing your angle slightly. You can decide at home which angle has the most impact. Have fun, laugh, play and drink some beer.

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