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EligoDesign August 04, 2016
excellent capture :)
carolsenske October 30, 2016
My siincere gratitude to all who voted this picture into the winning spot! I'm so pleased, humbled, and HAPPY!

Queen Anne's Lace in Profile

These beautiful wildflowers fill our summer days with a delicate beauty. They grow tall and in clumps, often times they have Chicory as a companion which give...
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These beautiful wildflowers fill our summer days with a delicate beauty. They grow tall and in clumps, often times they have Chicory as a companion which gives a blue accent to the white.

They are a member of the carrot family (Daucus carota), and they like full sun. They are an introduced species that has made us their happy home:>)

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Behind The Lens

I took this picture in what I loosely call my wildflower garden. There really is no plan to it, I bring seeds home and spread them around the yard in places I think they'll grow. Queen Anne's Lace is one of my most beloved wildflowers, yet getting them to grow in our yard was much harder than anticipated. It took five years for them to finally make an appearance! This year was bountiful. Our yard now has a healthy, thriving colony. Queen Anne's Lace loves waste areas and sunshine - hard to come by in the woods! Still, here they are and this picture was taken right in my front yard!
I try to do most of my photography in the later half of the afternoon when the light is gentle and the details of the picture stand out but are not blown out by brilliant sunshine. Given how much these beautiful flowers love sun, it was a bit of a challenge to get just the light I wanted!
I needed to have great light but not harsh light or the white flower would look washed out. I tried a lot of differing perspectives before settling on this one. The light was just what I wanted to show all the beauty of the flower without the sharp contrasts of sunshine and shadows.
I travel extremely light unless I'm using my car. In this case, with the house right behind me, equipment was no problem - LOL. My most-used set up is my Canon T4i with a Tamron 90 mm macro lens. My settings are generally done in manual mode. Tamron has the best vibration control! At 71 years of age, I'm not 100% steady; I need all the help I can get but don't use a tripod unless absolutely necessary.
Queen Anne's Lace is my favorite wildflower. It's been a love affair since childhood. When I retired and took up photography, I was determined to get some exquisite images; my efforts over these 9 years produced far more failures than successes but I kept trying. This one is my all-time best:>) I set out to document what was living in our yard (both flora and fauna), then branched out to what could be found down the driveway, then the local area. It's an on-going adventure and project. As an amateur photographer without formal training, I learn every day.
I shoot in Camera Raw so there is a bit of post-processing done. I like to add a touch of clarity, perhaps adjust highlights, shadows, and vibrance. As much as I love getting totally wild and crazy, most of my photos are handled with a light hand. Getting the shot as close to what I want when taking the picture is always my goal. Sometimes I'll crop just a bit, but I'd rather not. This picture has hardly any work done to it.
In my camera bag
Actually, I don't carry a bag. I shove a couple extra batteries, another memory card, and my wallet into my pants pockets, and I wear a fanny pack with one other lens in it plus a lens brush and "putter". The camera is in my hand. There are times when I'm looking for pictures that either require a large lens (Tamron 150 - 600 mm) or super sharp images. Those times are for the tripod and remote shutter release and they are added to the other stuff I carry. Photo safaris are usually within 20 miles of home and are only a few hours long.
Good light is so important! Although no light is bad light, I am in love with late afternoon for photo taking. Lenses with vibration control work magic for me; I'm just not that steady and to get a nice picture you need control over shake. Wind is not my friend when photographing flowers and plants, so a fast shutter speed helps. Once you choose a subject, take pictures from a number of different perspectives. Often the view you think isn't very good will be the one that makes your eyes pop:>) Leave as small a footprint as possible - watch your step - don't throw trash away. Never give up. If today you don't get the image you hoped for, go back tomorrow, next week, next year. The wonders of nature are there for the taking, and it feels great to share! Photography is a gift of new eyes. You'll see things you've never noticed before.

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