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Change Of Seasons Photo ContestTop 30 class week 1
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ViewBug Photography AwardsTop 30 class
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 12Top 30 class week 3
The Golden Moment Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1


Behind The Lens

I was pregnant when I took this photo. My sister and I had just picked up my child’s father from a jail in Colorado. I actually took it from a moving vehicle... I got pretty good at shooting from the passenger side of moving vehicles because no one ever wanted to stop. I felt it was fitting to name it Freedom.
I want to say I took this in the morning.
I think I might have improved in the editing department since this image... one can only hope they improve with each image right? As far as the beauty of it, we were just in the right place at the right time I suppose!
Don’t laugh... Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I’ve upgraded since then I promise!
I can’t pass up a pretty sky, especially when it’s painted over a perfect field like this was. I take a lot of pictures.
I could definitely do a bit better today than I did when I submitted this one. Yesh... ask me about another one.
In my camera bag
I’m broke. So. I bought myself a Canon t7 recently which I’m learning to use in manual mode on my own. Every now and then I get it almost right... but I’m improving by the shot.
Haha, Umm each moment is a new opportunity when it comes to capturing the sky. That perfect shot can be gone in an I stand so always be on the lookout. Always.

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