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Jul, 2016


Photo taken in Ericeira, Portugal

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my hometown Ericeira, Portugal. A small village with beautiful views and people.
Was taken in the end of the day, after the sunset when there is still a little light. I increased the aperture, lowered the ISO and reduced the speed the maximum that I could to for the 8mm to obtained a blury movement in the water and in the clouds.
Due to the artificial light coming from the village and the natural light being already consumed by the darkness of the nigh, due the light reflected in the fog that entered the Ericeira and the darkness that came from the night, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try a long exposure
I use my old and reliable Canon 7D and the Samyang 8mm and of course a tripod. Just put the shutter for 2 seconds to not shake the camera and took the photos to see the results.
Knowing the region of Ericeira well and its climate, I thought it would be worth trying and taking advantage of the opening of the 8mm was a matter of looking for the plan that I liked more and try to take some photos to get the one I liked
Yes, when I took the photograph, I changed the colors in the camera to start thinking about editing. Taking advantage of the colors that nature was providing and knowing that making a longer exposure would saturate more colors in the photograph. So altering several parameters in the machine, I took some pictures always in the same place so to choose one. The shadows and highlights always change in the photographs and then edit according to my taste trying not to get too far from the original
In my camera bag
In my bag depends what I go to photograph, be it sport, nature, sunset, etc. Tele lenses always for sport, if I am shooting skateboard I like to take also the 8mm. Usually landscape I take 35mm and 8mm, my only camera 7D the trigger and tripod
Well, I do not think I can advise you much, but I can say that without trying you can not get results. Patience and trying to do something different might be one of the keys.

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