Photographer: Trish Steglinski
Model: Danielle
MUA: Daisy Finder

Photographer: Trish Steglinski
Model: Danielle
MUA: Daisy Finder
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Swimwear Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 12Top 30 class week 2


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verity PRO+
verity July 11, 2016
Great face. I'd love to shoot her.

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Behind The Lens

Being that it was summer and super hot outside (110 degrees!) it seemed fitting that this shoot take place in a pool.
We started the shoot in the evening at 6pm. We had about 2 hours before sunset which gave me enough time to shoot in harsh and evening sun light. After sunset we weren't ready to call it a day so we kept on shooting. It was a HOT day and she didn't mind being in the pool (even after getting stung by a bee!).
For this particular photograph I used 1 strobe with a beauty dish. Recently I have been using a one light set-up and it's been awesome seeing what I can do with just that.
I shoot with a Nikon D4. The lens I used was the Sigma Art 50mm. Lighting 1 AB800 and a beauty dish.
The model, makeup artist and I love to collaborate as much as we can. Many times our photoshoots are thrown together last minute but we have so much fun and the outcome is always something we are proud of. There are times when we all get the same idea and call each other to say the same thing about the idea! We really do have fun and we are great friends so the inspiration to work together is always there. We inspire each other =)
The makeup was flawless as is the model so the post processing was minimal. I edited in Alien Skin Exposure. The most processing I had to do to this image was lower the exposure.
In my camera bag
My bag is a rolling pelican case and its contents are simple. Nikon D4. 50mm Sigma Art Lens which is my go to portrait lens. 70-200 Tamron. 16-28 Tokina wide angle. 3 extra batteries. A variety of filters. Lens wet wipes and lens cleaners; basically anything that cleans lenses.
I didn't do anything complicated with this shoot during it or in post. For this particular photograph 1 used ab800 with a beauty dish and my 50mm. I had the light slightly above her camera right at an angle. I don't know the exact dimensions of the lighting angles; I simply angled and got it to where I wanted the shadows to fall off.

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