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Jul, 2016

The Rhine Falls

This photo was the start of a great night, which I spent photographing the night sky. It's a great place with a thunderous noise from the waterfall and at this time of the day with almost no people. The Rheinfall is the second largest waterfall in europe.

The photo is a composition of three different exposures, for the sky, the water and the middle part with the castle and the trees.
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Won Contest Finalist in Gorgeous Rivers Photo ContestApril, 2018


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Behind The Lens

The Rhine Falls are one of the three biggest waterfalls in Europe. It's located at the north boundary of Switzerland near the village of Schaffhausen.
I took this photo during blue hour in the evening.
As my camera at this time had a very low dynamic range and most of the light came from where the sun did go down, I had to take several exposures to have every part of the photo in the right exposure because of the hight contrast of the scenery.
I used my good old Canon 5d Mark II, the Canon EF 16-35 f4 and a tripod.
The rhine falls are really quite impressive and I already saw some amazing photos from this spot.
The photo is a composition of several exposures. Otherwise I did the general raw editing in camera raw.
In my camera bag
My basic equipment consist of the camera, the lens and the tripod. Additionally I use ND and polarisation filters.
Use good equipment, take your time to wait for the right moment and keep yourself up to date with raw editing.

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