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I wanted to experiment with this image. I liked the way it turned out but of course the model has me wrapped around her fingers....
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I wanted to experiment with this image. I liked the way it turned out but of course the model has me wrapped around her fingers.
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Translucent Photo ContestTop 20 class
Translucent Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Children In B&W Photo ContestTop 30 class week 1

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken outside my home on July 4, 2016. My children were playing with bubbles in the front yard before we left home to attend a family dinner for the holiday. It is one of my favorite captures of my youngest daughter. I have always been consumed with the beautiful blue eyes that each of my children have but in this composition I noticed that through the bubble, her left eye transformed to green.
This capture is definitely one of my favorites and I remember specifically taking this photo in the late afternoon hours. My home faces east and with the sun beaming down directly into my back yard making my front yard shaded and comfortable in the harsh and humid Alabama summer.
I wish I could take credit for using my studio lights but the only lighting used in this capture was the natural light in the shaded area of my front yard.
I have had a love affair with my 2006 Canon Xt since I purchased it over a decade ago. I used a Canon EF-S 18 - 55mm lens. I didn't use my tripod or external flash because we were playing in the front yard waiting for my wife to finish a phone call on our way to a family dinner and I didn't think I would have had the time.
I had said many times that my favorite models are my children and I like photographing them much more than they want to be photographed. I love the time we have to play together at home. No worries or stress, just a family enjoying the time we have together which seems to vanish as they get older. I don't need an excuse to use my camera. I have always tried to look for the beauty in the world and with my camera in hand it seems that it is all around us and even when others see despair, I can capture an image of beauty that some of my peers didn't see. Beauty is truly all around, it just depends on your focus.
The only post-processing I did to this image was through the image editor here on ViewBug.com. I usually use Adobe Light room or Photoshop but I wanted to see what editing tools this site had. I changed the image to black & white and used the tool to bring out the natural color of the eyes.
In my camera bag
I always pack my Canon Xt ( I am looking to upgrade but I will always have this wonderful body in my bag). I usually take multiple lenses but I always have my Canon EF-S 18 - 55mm & Canon EF-S 70 - 300mm in the bag. I pack my external flash, tripod, many extra batteries and memory cards.
I feel that I am merely a novice trying to capture the beauty around me. If I could help someone starting out to capture better images, my first suggestion is to definitely keep your finger on the button. If you don't shoot the camera, you can't capture the image. Take many photos of each subject you are trying to capture. Some turn out better than others but the more you capture will give you more opportunities of capturing a great image. I have revisited my work from older shoots and find something I may have overlooked before. Keep shooting until you find that image that truly speaks to you. Happy shooting!

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