Kitten Von Mew

An American forces entertainment show girl at the War and Peace show

An American forces entertainment show girl at the War and Peace show
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Behind The Lens

Every year in July we have a show in the UK called the War and Peace Show, this is mainly for vehicles ranging from the first world war up to current conflicts and involves thousands of entries from across Europe and beyond, in keeping with the theme, there is entertainment laid on covering the whole time frame, mainly the sort of entertainment the troops would see in the time they got away from the front line, this picture is of a lady who lives her entire life in the roll you see her in now, as a lady of the 40's Her name is Kitten Von Mew and the picture was taken during her show in the entertainment marquee.
The show was on though the afternoon, and I took this picture near the beginning of the show, so around 2 pm.
I was fortunate with the lighting for this image as the show was being held in a very large white marquee which worked like a huge soft box, no other lighting was needed.
The only equipment used to take this photo was my Nikon D300 and an 18-105 nikon lens, the camera was hand held and no extra kit was needed
I was predominately at the show to take photographs of the military vehicles, but came into the entertainment area for some light refreshments, looking at the show, I was impressed with both the talent and the costumes being worn, so decided to try and capture the mood, Kitty Von Mew is a fantastic show girl, and was a pleasure to behold.
For this picture, I only converted it from being a RAW file to jpeg and added a small amount of vibrance plus lifted the shadows a little.
In my camera bag
Back when I took this picture, I would normally travel quite light and only have a shoulder bag with me, I would have had the camera and lens I used to take this shot, plus my 35mm f/1.8 along with a Tokina 11-16 f/2.8. Depending on the location, I might also have my SB600 flash with me. The ony other things I would have is spare battery and memory cards and a lens cloth and small towel, just in case.
Where I went wrong with this picture was I hadn't planed to take it in advance, so didn't get the best place in the crowd to create a clean background, the basics like lighting and equipment set up were straight forward, if ever I get another opportunity, I will plan my visit a little better.

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