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Behind The Lens

The Photo was taken in the Selger Moor. This is a park in the Zurich region. In this bog blooming rhododendrons . It also contains several levels ponds with water lilies. This is home to countless frogs.
I arrived there early in the morning. I had to wait until it got warmer and the frogs began to quack. the shot was taken around 11 am.
I had to shoot the picture , before the sun was shining directly into the pond . So I could reach the contrast between the frog and the dark pond water.
I used my Nikon D750 with the 28-300mm Nikkor Zoom.
During a previous visit I discovered the frogs. I decided to photograph them at a convenient day.
I edited the picture only in RAW Filter. I chose the cut , sharpened the image and stamped off on the water surface off floating particles .
In my camera bag
It depends on the work I do. For landscape I use my Nikon D800 with the 16-35mm f4 with a set of gray an Lee filters and a tripod. I usually have also my Nikkror 24-70mm f2.8 in the bag. For street photografy i prefer mey Nikon D750 with the Nikkor 28-300mm. When I hike , the weight of the equipment is important. Then I use a Fujifilm x E2s with the Fujinon X 10-24mm f4 and the Fujinon 18-55mm X F2,8-4.
Tge weather conditions must be matching. Clear sky, warm light not to cold temperatures. A long focal length is important because you can not get close . Do not set the sensitivity to deep, so relatively short shutter speeds are possible . Then it takes patience until the frog infalates its bubbles beautiful. an do not forget the mosquito spray!

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