Killarney National Park





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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in Killarney National Park, Ireland. When the driver of the jaunting car (horse carriage) let us off for 30 minutes to have a look around, I spotted this beautiful view with only a few minutes left to spare.
It was late afternoon, when there were many tourists crowding the adjacent castle. This lake view was not what they were interested in, apparently. I would imagine that the mud and biting midgees caused them to keep some distance.
The rain lingered all afternoon and continued to sprinkle on my shots. I hoped I was keeping my camera dry enough. The light was a bit ominous through the misty clouds, but in Ireland, this is often the type of lighting you get used to working with. It lends a bit of mystique to the centuries old castles and landscape, so it's perfect as can be.
I used a Sony RX100 Mark III for this shot. No tripod or special lighting was taken with me this afternoon.
I was very excited about the mist and this really long log that led into the lake from the foreground to the background. I am always looking for at lleast one thing in each nature composition to lend interest. Two or three is even better, as my goal is to pull the viewer in and keep the eye moving throughout the image.
In regard to post processing, I primarily just deepened the contrast a bit and pulled out a bit more detail from what was already in-camera by touching up the photo in Nik Color Effex Pro.
In my camera bag
I shoot with a Sony RX100 Mark III and a portable Manfrotto tripod. One day, when I've earned my stripes so to speak, I will invest in a heavier-duty camera, some nice lenses, and lighting equipment.
As far as advice on trying to capture a similar image, I think it helps to have an interesting sky and / or foreground, and something unique or with great texture / color to make the image pop. Nature can be a wonderful work of art with these aspects in mind. My goal is to look for something different to add to my scenes... something unique to give depth and drama to an already beautiful landscape.

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