This is Kira. She's a young art amateur and she loves drawing and photography. She started modelling a bit but unfortunately she had a terrible experience ...
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This is Kira. She's a young art amateur and she loves drawing and photography. She started modelling a bit but unfortunately she had a terrible experience with a very bad mannered photographer who abused her. Psychologically and physically.

She then fell into a nasty depression as a result. Loss of self confidence, blaming herself, fearing of going outside... just as if she had been raped.
A few months later she contacted me out the blue and asked if I was looking for models. I was just getting started in the area and decided to give it a go so we did set up a meeting. Intelligent and sensitive, she was liking what I do and we quickly gained confidence with each other. She told me about her story and the project came by itself: get her back on her feet, treat her wounds, and give her confidence back and control over her own body and soul.

It took 5 hours to get to this image. There were only two good ones in the serie, out of something like 300. But the mission was a success: Kira's better than ever now, and I'm proud to have managed to help her recover from that bad experience.

Update 07-09: Kira went to a second shooting with another photographer and everything went very well. She's happy!! :D

UPDATE 07-27: I'm sad. It seems that the troubles she went through at the time have taken their toll on Kira's health and I just learnt that she had to go to the hospital. Her body has been rejecting any kind of food since a few weeks and her condition has been worsening, which required medical supervision.
I'm a bit torn about telling that story here but I feel a bit helpless. I'm concerned about talking about her private life on a public space, and on top of that, I don't know her that much since we worked just once together.

But considering the awesome feedback I received from the community here, I decide to share the news anyway, hoping that the collective thoughts (or prayers, for the ones amongst you who believe) will help a bit.
I hope it's not too bad. She's so young and to be honest, I rarely saw such bravery in someone.

Update 07-30: Kira went back home and has to rest for a couple weeks. I just forwarded to her all the lovely comments you made about her picture. She's absolutely delighted and it put back a smile on her face, which was much needed. Thank you again.

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Madzebra PRO+
Madzebra July 07, 2016
so much intensity in her eyes
michaelperlin July 08, 2016
Kira is a magnificent subject and you have captured her essence very well. This being said I feel that the window shades in the background are distracting. Great shot Stephanie
stephanemichaux July 08, 2016
I know! I wish I had my own studio and then be free of environmental distractions.
edrobson Premium
edrobson July 08, 2016
iwalker5 July 09, 2016
Thanks for sharing the back story behind this great photo and for inspiring her to model for you. I often wonder what the story is behind some of the photos of women.
stephanemichaux July 09, 2016
She actually offered to get back to it with me, and I took the challenge. And you're right, it would be good to explore a bit beyond the photographic illusion. This story was worth sharing, I think, in the name of all the girls out there who lost their self-confidence or went through difficult times.
stephanemichaux July 09, 2016
Update: Kira did a second shooting with another photographer and everything went very well. She's happy!! :D
Alisajidzaidi July 09, 2016
Superb photo
Philbk PRO+
Philbk July 10, 2016
Beautiful girl and an inspiring story. Well done for helping her :-)
petermoore_4527 July 13, 2016
Stunning model and beautiful portrait, well done to you for helping Kira back on the road to modelling again.
stschultze July 15, 2016
love the story (anyone should read it :) ) ... xou just added another chapter to the power of photography. Go on with the good work & all the best 4 the lady - keeping fingers crossed she´ll be discovered 4 more like fashion blogs ´n magazines and gorws her selfconfidence back even stronger :)
stephanemichaux July 15, 2016
I'll forward the kind words, thank you
GreenCopperz PRO+
GreenCopperz July 16, 2016
You do a wonderful job explaining the history for most of your photos! Sometimes the one or two photos out of hundreds are just as you suggest - totally worth the effort! Bravo et bon travail!
stephanemichaux July 16, 2016
in the process of writing about the pictures, I realised that I didn't have much to say about a few of them. That was shame, but also an enlightenment: I'll try my best to have stories to tell whatever I shoot in the future.
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb July 23, 2016
amazing shot
Samborough PRO
Samborough July 26, 2016
Beautiful story,,,,,beautiful lady :-)
browsingvocal July 27, 2016
Your images reflects beauty and are amazing as a person and and as an artist...and very beautiful if I may add.
stephanemichaux July 27, 2016
Thank you. Once I told a model friend I was probably a bit over sensitive. She told me I can could trade a bit of it for shootings. That's probably my way of getting it out
davidpearce_0069 July 31, 2016
Beautiful picture, of a very beautiful young lady, blessed with god's grace she can find the strength to continue modelling, wishing her a speedy recovery
stephanemichaux August 01, 2016
Thanks David, your kind words have been forwarded
jeffgauthier August 28, 2016
I hope everything works out for her. She's a beautiful girl with tons of potential. My thoughts and prayers to both of you. This is a very beautifully done photo of her. Great shot!
stephanemichaux August 28, 2016
Thanks Jeff. She's doing way better now.
Confalonieri PRO
Confalonieri September 17, 2016
Excellent photo. A sad story. Not everything is as we would like in this world. I really hope the best for Kira, she looks as a very good person. There are not that many around. Good luck to both of you.
stephanemichaux September 28, 2016
Thank you
DutchTouch PRO+
DutchTouch October 15, 2016
This is a very beautiful young woman who should be cherished and I like that it sensual and subtle! Very nice! I hope the very best for Kira!
stephanemichaux October 17, 2016
I stumbled upon her in the street, out of the blue a couple days ago. She was way better and definitely on the right track.
clem October 18, 2016
Kira is beautiful, those eyes. I wish her well, and hope she can start enjoying life again.
Blindjustice November 24, 2016
It's an interesting back story and a great use of soulful eye. Hope the model is doing well now.
stephanemichaux November 25, 2016
Thank you! She's all good now!
MrCinOz December 07, 2016
I really like this photo
Me_and_my_2_Dogs December 13, 2016
Great shot, stunning model. So glad she's getting back to herself.
HMFICBoudoir July 25, 2017
Kira is stunningly beautiful and your story is inspiring. I hope she is well and everything works out for the best! Great shot!
DanielRyanFotos August 06, 2017
All my best to her. Here's to a full recovery.
stephanemichaux August 10, 2017
Thanks Daniel, she's better now
alistairhiggins July 02, 2018
The story is sad and made me choke back. I sincerely hope there is a happier ending to this story. I so wish her all the best and happiness.