Lake Irma - Florida

Sitting on the dock, capturing the mood.

Sitting on the dock, capturing the mood.
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darlenepollard PRO
darlenepollard October 30, 2016
Beautiful colors! I love sunset pix - thanks for sharing!
Sheer PRO
Sheer August 08, 2017
Very pretty

Behind The Lens

I was invited to a friend's house located on Lake Irma, in Orlando Florida. We were sitting on his dock having drinks when I looked up and saw this magnificent sunset unfold.
This photo was taken late afternoon, just before sunset proper. It was rainy, cloudy, and gloomy all day. As the sun set it just light up the sky painting everything in its orange hues. I took this photo 8:14 PM, March 28th, Orlando Florida. I had a few minutes to see the sun set in all its difference facets. The mood changed every second.
It had been raining all afternoon, and the sky was finally clearing with just enough cloud cover to reflect the sun setting behind the horizon. There was still enough natural light to highlight the blue hues of the water and the sky, as most of the sunset reflected off of the clouds. The sun was not directly casting rays on the water, preserving the natural color and not washing out the subtle color changes in the foreground.
The only camera I use lately, is my little Canon Powershot G15, and this is the result. Yes, I permanently retired my Canon dSLR, and all the different lenses I used to carry around. (Different story!) Took this photo without a tripod, and only the standard lens attached to the camera. I was sitting at the time, so it does account for more stability.
Most of my best photos just happen. I never plan to take a specific photo or capture a specific mood. I will literally walk around, or turn a corner and be presented with that scene that needs to be preserved for posterity. This was no different, we were sitting for a late dinner and drinks, just watching kids fooling around on their JetSki's, when everything literally turned orange/red. I just grabbed the G15 and starting shooting away. No time to really adjust any settings except the ISO and focal length. I have seen so many sunsets before, but this was different. It was the right moment and the right time.
I do not have the time or the energy to do any post-processing. What you see is what you get. -LoL.- [No Photoshop, or LightRoom or anything like that.] I take photos for the love of photography, I am more of a photo journalist. I capture the moment as it unfolds. As you can imagine, I rely totally on the quality of photos the G15 can record. Sharpness, clarity, and the vivid color the G15 is capable of. It forces me to be a better photographer, I only have one change to get it right.
In my camera bag
Loaded question, I have a point and shoot camera that virtually require nothing. I do have a spare battery and I do clean the lens as often as I can. Do I think I need a tripod, yes, but it defeats my minimalistic approach.
Some photos cannot be planned. Unless you have the time and the equipment to stage the setting, just go out there and expect the unexpected. I think the important fact was the late afternoon rain, lots of cloud cover, with a late afternoon breeze to clear enough of the cloud cover to allow for some natural light. It worked for me because the sun was set and the orange hues reflected off of the cloud base. Just be aware the effect will last just a very short time.

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