Hiking to a huge waterfall in Banff National Park

Hiking to a huge waterfall in Banff National Park
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on an outing in Banff. My friend and I weren't expecting to hike as it had already been a long day, so we decided to see the lower falls. However, we heard about how amazing the upper falls were so we kept going, saying "are we there yet" every ten seconds, until finally we saw this view, which of course, was totally worth it.
The feeling I had when I was standing at the bottom of these falls was incredible. We were both so small compared to them, and we had to crane out necks up to see the top of the trees. Before taking any photos, I just stood there with the water splashing on my face, taking it all it. After that, I wanted to make sure I got a photo that wasn't typical or generic and so I wanted to include these cute trees, that were actually about my height, in the photo growing on the side of the cliff.
The lighting was quite perfect at that point in the day because it wasn't sunny so my sky was never completely blown out. I wanted to include the misty/foggy tips of the trees at the top of the waterfall to show how large it was.
I used my Nikon D4 for this shot with a 24-70mm wide angle lens.
Of course, I wanted to take a photo of this waterfall, but I also wanted to have the trees on the side of the cliff in the photo, first of all because they were kind of cute in comparison, but also to compare the size of the trees to the huge waterfall. While everyone else was taking photos directly at the base of the falls, I was off to the side, making everyone think what the heck is she taking a photo of, the falls are over here.
This photo just has some simple editing. I enjoy my photos to be on the cool side, especially for this one, to make it a little bit moodier.
In my camera bag
My favourite lens is definitely the wide angle (24-700mm) with my D4 body. I usually also have a 50mm lens in my bag in cause I need a more shallow depth of field. I try not to carry too much as these hikes become longer and longer, and I much prefer the challenge of one lens. If anything, I also carry a little pentax 35mm film camera to take some black and white photos.
Landscape and nature photography is very common, and so my advice is once you have your basic shot down, try to think outside the box to see how else you can capture it from a different perspective. This makes things more fun and keeps it interesting to photograph.

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