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This is a self portrait, my battle against insecurities, an eating disorder and self harm. this was the first step to me taking photography and wanting to get m...
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This is a self portrait, my battle against insecurities, an eating disorder and self harm. this was the first step to me taking photography and wanting to get my thoughts out in a better way.
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Behind The Lens

This photo is a self shot i took on my single bed in my old 5th floor studio apartment. This photo was a door opening to a life long journey of self love. I woke up that day, and instead of taking photos of my dear cat, i decided to turn the lens my way, and capture the emotions i had at that exact moment.
Waking up is never an early thing for me i must say, i usually find myself easing out of bed all sloth like around 12pm, however on this particular Fall morning i had got up around 9:30am, not really sure what i was doing up, before grabbing any coffee i grabbed my camera and started taking photos, i think the light just spoke to me.
I love Natural light, as fun as it can be with all sorts of different kinds of lighting, natural light has always been my favorite.Something about the constant changing of light inspires me, sometimes it takes the right moment and the right place to have that perfect lighting and you have but a min to capture an image, it excites me as much as it can frustrate me.
Being what i would call a "starving artist" i genuinely didn't at the time of this photograph nor do i now have much equipment, for this particular photo i used the natural lighting from my window, my Sony Nex 3 propped up on stack of books across from my bed, and the self timer setting on my camera...thats it. I guess sometimes less is more :).
My Struggle with depression and an Eating Disorder inspired this photo, i see beauty all around me, i can see the beauty in a spec of dust, but i couldn't see the beauty in myself for so long, as stated earlier, for some reason that morning i decided to turn the camera on me, to make myself the subject..and i LOVE this photo, at the time itself i couldn't even believe it was myself, and now i use myself often for self portraits and do modeling. Everyone has their moments of awakening, or self discovery, if i had to choose a cover for a book of my journey in life, this image would be that.
This photo was taken already in black in white, aside from adding a dark vignette and a bit more grain, i didn't see the need to do much more processing on the photo.
In my camera bag
My iphone 6, for the quick photo moments and my Sony Nex 3, aside from that sometimes my battery charger just in case ;) .
I find taking photos of myself so much easier than of a model, because i know exactly the emotion i want to capture, i would have to say if you would want to capture anything like this, find a moment in your day to really think about how you feel, set up your camera on a tripod or in my case a stack of books , find a great naturally lighted spot in your home, and get to it. I think for some it really can be a humbling moment.

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