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Great Shot
Eric_Dany November 05, 2017
Eric_Dany February 21, 2018
Thanks guys
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Wow nice shot :)
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Wow.. I looove fire pictures. It's so fascinating!
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Jun, 2016

Full Power Breathing

with Andrey Das & Baba Deckens firebreathers

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Won Contest Finalist in Stunning POV Photo ContestSeptember, 2018
Won People's Choice in Capture The Four Elements Photo ContestMarch, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Capture The Four Elements Photo ContestFebruary, 2018


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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in Paris, at the Palais de Tokyo, one the favorite spot for fire performers to gather every saturday's nights. It's just in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Obviously at night for the fire to be the one and only source of light.
A big burst of fire like that gives quite a lot of light. Fire in itself is the most magical light source I know, so I try to make it the main source of my fire photography even if I use a flash.
Just my trusty Nikon D750 with the Tamron 24 70mm /2.8 VC handheld
In 2014, I discovered fire photography in this very venue. I beginned to practise regularly and always testing new ideas, new angles. This night, I tried a high vantage point on a balcony. It was a bit risky because the fire was going straight at me and I had to withdraw very quickly. I felt the hot kiss of fire each time. But my friends Andrey Das & Baba Deckens, the firebeathers, are masters of their craft and it was easy to catch to moment they started.
Raw processing in mandatory for that kind of photography. I use Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop for cleaning unwanted pixels. The floor tiles are not always very clean at the Palais de Tokyo.
In my camera bag
Nikon D750, 24 70 mm and 70 200 mm Tamron, Velbon Carbon Tripod in my car
For good flames texture in fire photography, always expose for the fire and make it the main source of light.

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