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Jun, 2016

Ford fantastic

Caught this beauty whilst out and about at Ightham Mote in kent
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the heart of the Kentish countryside in a place called Ightham Mote in the small village of Ightham, Kent, UK
This is proving to be one of my favourite images and was one of the easiest to capture. I was visiting Ightham Mote for a day of historical architecture images and found this beautiful ford by accident parked in the car park there. It was caught in the blazing hot summer sun in the late afternoon.
I used the sun's positioning to let in as much natural light as possible - there was absolutely no need for a flash whatever. In these situations natural light is unbeatable.
The only equipment I used was my trusty sony Hx400v 24mp bridge camera. The camera has an automated zoom function so no special lenses, tripod or other equipment was used which is refreshing as I would have probably had to use more speciality lenses if I was using my canon slr. This is why the Sony is so competitive- it has so many tricks up its sleeve - it's probably one of the most easiest shots I have had to take.
I am a huge motor vehicle fan. As soon as I saw her parked there i had absolutely no hesitation in wanting to grab the shot. Everything about that particular moment felt totally right and in place - especially the natural light that was beaming against the chrome and the metal work.
I am a bit of a post-processing rebel. I have refused so far to use some of the bigger paid photo editors. My post processing is done via the snapseed app. I added a vignette and some contrast / highlight filters but I have tried to keep it as natural if a little dramatic as possible. I think that this car deserves a bit of the "classic dramatic" look!
In my camera bag
I keep a tripod (4") Extra battery. Canon 760d 70 -300 lens 50 ml lens Sony Hx400v Samsung Galaxy smartphone. (For on the fly editing) Camera/lens cleaning kit.
Look at the subject and the way it makes you feel. It it feels good then shoot it. Take in consideration the light conditions - for me natural light will always triumph over flash's and non natural light. Know the limitations of your post processesing software - the more you know what you can do - the easier it is to keep this in mind when shooting your subject. Take account of angles. This is so so important when taking pictures with straight edges and lines - look for the centre spot and try to make sure that the opposites match (eg: mirrors and lights.) Most importantly choose a subject that excites you - it will more than likely shine through to your work.

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