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Behind The Lens

This was taken in Sydney, Australia. It's the Sydney Opera House.
It was almost 10pm when I took it.
I had just read a book on HDR and was very interested in the concept of replicating what the human eye sees using a static lens. The image is the product of 5 shots across the range of 2 stops over and 2 stops under. I didn't want the final result to be obviously HDR so I did a lot of fiddling to get a more 'real' picture.
Nikon D3 and a primary Nikon 105mm lens.
This was my first attempt at HDR. It seemed like a good subject to start with.
I used Photomatix Pro software to overlay the 5 exposures. Then I adjusted the result manually (didn't use the presets). Generally speaking I don't like photoshop all that much and prefer to try to take 'straight' pics that mean something to me.
In my camera bag
Unless I am heading out to do a specific photo, I carry with me my Nikon D3 and a Nikkor 28-300 zoom.
The advice I took from the Book on HDR was to look for subjects you would not normally attempt due to huge differences in lighting and contrast across the subject. The book is 'A World in HDR' by Trey Ratcliff. He also has a website called '' which has some great 'how to' advice.

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