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Our majestic Grand Harbour.

The Grand Harbour was the base for the Order of Saint John for 268 years, from 1530 to 1798. They settled in the city o...
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Our majestic Grand Harbour.

The Grand Harbour was the base for the Order of Saint John for 268 years, from 1530 to 1798. They settled in the city of Birgu and improved its fortifications, including rebuilding the Castrum Maris as Fort Saint Angelo. In July 1551, Barbary corsairs and Ottoman forces raided Malta. They landed at Marsamxett and marched upon the Grand Harbour, but did not attack as they found the town of Birgu too well fortified to attack. Although this attempt was unsuccessful, the Ottoman force later managed to sack Gozo and conquer Tripoli within the same campaign. After the attack, Fort Saint Elmo and Fort Saint Michael were built to better protect the harbour in any future attacks. The city of Senglea was also founded soon afterwards.
Later on in the 1550s, a tornado struck the Grand Harbour, killing 600 people and destroying a shipping armada.
The area was the scene of much of the fighting in the Great Siege of Malta of 1565 when the Ottomans attempted to eject the Order of St John but were ultimately defeated. After the siege, the capital city of Valletta was built on the Sciberras peninsula on the north west shore of the harbour. Over the years, more fortifications and settlements were founded within the Grand Harbour, including Fort Ricasoli and the towns of Floriana and Cospicua.
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Mlucasphotography June 24, 2016
Amazing photograph! love the colour in it and also thanks for the history that comes with the scene.
AdelFerrito July 22, 2016
Thanks :) glad you like!
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 April 04, 2017
Incredible! Congratulations on your award!
AdelFerrito April 04, 2017
Thanks Gigi

Behind The Lens

A long time ago I read a quote that stuck to me ever since! it said "learn how to be a tourist in your own country", and a little plan started to take shape... Eventually the idea was quite simple.. Explore the coast of my Malta, being a small island I guessed it was an easy plan! Boy I was wrong! :) I would think that most of the capital cities around the world are fairly easy to reach! and so is Valletta, though one of the unique features of the capital city of Malta is that it's built on a peninsula surrounded by bastions built by the Knights of the Order of Saint John circa1552. This arch / window is located at the entrance of the Grand Harbour just below the "Sacra Infermeria" a Hospital built in the 16th century by the Order of St. John.
I remember the day as if its today! Stressful day at work, early start, late finish... on my way home ( passing though the capital city ), i decided to ease the day by going for a little sight seeing! it was an early evening still a full hour plus for sunset... being an unplanned end of day adventure my kit was at its bare minimum.. that is my camera :) I guess most of you can imagine how easy it is to take a long exposure without a tripod. after 20 odd minutes used in a stable balancing act the picture was taken at 19:15 on the 20th of March 2016
To me the rock formation looked like a monster of sorts quietly drinking, thus i wanted enhance the rock face to help the viewer see it's rough skin the hard scales jutting out and the most importantly oddly located red gleaming eye.
My one and only Nikon D3200, my 30L backpack as a tri/bag Pod and a 18-55mm Nikon kit lens.
The Dinosaur loving kid inside me!
My work flow was fairly simple for this image, sharpening the rock face/monster, a vibrant adjustment to the eye to enhance the red tones, and deepening the blues at the bottom of the Image.
In my camera bag
A tripod! :)
Learn how to be a tourist in your own country, and even after more than 30yrs new places start to materialise in front of you.

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