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JDLifeshots June 18, 2016
Very sweet capture!
sallyG11 June 19, 2016
Thanks so much, he's a natural and has an array of expressions!
fredamans June 22, 2016
Beautiful Shepherd!
Welcome to ViewBug!
sallyG11 June 22, 2016
thank you and yes, he's a gorgeous boy!
waynecook June 24, 2016
Aww ..what a sweetie :-)
sallyG11 June 24, 2016
He's a trickster... A retired police dog, but he loves his 'people' and is full of personality!
jimhelmick July 04, 2016
Beautiful dog and super shot. Is he GSD?
sallyG11 July 04, 2016
thanks so much and yes!
mariejeannedeclerck October 06, 2016
It is a beauty. Congrats!
sallyG11 October 06, 2016
thank you for your lovely comment, he's very much loved!
Treecy October 12, 2016
Very good shot!
sallyG11 October 13, 2016
thanks for your compliment :)
blunder December 27, 2016
Love shepherds, and this one has tons of personality!
sallyG11 December 28, 2016
He's a sook and loves his greek yogurt!
ovosphotography January 16, 2017
like it!
sallyG11 January 16, 2017
thanks so much:)
Mart1965 July 11, 2017
Lovely old face
sallyG11 July 12, 2017
He's a handsome boy, he's getting so white around his face now, but he always has those beautiful eyes :)
Stefnie November 02, 2018
Love dogs and this is special.
sallyG11 November 03, 2018
He's a very special old boy. He's been retired from the Police Force now for more than five years...he's turned thirteen a few months ago. We're not too sure how much longer he'll be with us so we treasure every day with him :)
Rfototime Aug 01
Beautiful dog
sallyG11 Aug 02
Thank you so much, he passed a few months ago and we miss him so much!


I adore this dog....every time he has a different expression.

I adore this dog....every time he has a different expression.
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at home, one evening after hanging the washing.
It was about 7 in the evening.
The only lighting was an external fluro under the eave.
This photo was taken on an Iphone 6, at this stage I hadn't yet purchased my first camera.
Sly is a retired police dog who's now 11. He's been retired for about 2.5 years and has become a bit of a smooch who loves his evening Greek yogurt. He was active for about 7 years and was a brilliant dog. He is so easy to photograph as he has so many different expressions and likes the camera. I also take photos of him for keepsakes because he is getting old and we will have many beautiful memories of him when he passes.
I softened the photo and and used vignette to cut out the back ground which was a little boring and also to show his beautiful face to the best of my ability. I did enhance the colour a little but he is a very richly coloured Shepherd so not much was needed.
In my camera bag
I now have a new camera, a Canon EOS 750, with 3 lens at this stage, 50mm Prime, 18-55 and 55-250. I also carry a couple of filters, clear and tinted which i used frequently. Because I've only really started to get totally into this wonderful hobby, this is all I have, but am now researching a Wide Angle lens but would also love to dabble in Macro. Oh, I do have a tripod, so slowly getting there!
I love to photograph animals, particularly dogs. They have such incredible expressions and are full of surprises. Patience is the best advice, many of the shots are blurred or have dog's noses right in the lens! Be calm with the animal and let them come to you. Once they are settled you can snap away and see what you end up with. Action shots are fun also, some of their expresssions are priceless. I do love late afternoon/evening lighting, gives such beautiful colours and softer appearance.

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