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bpoimbeauf PRO+
bpoimbeauf June 11, 2016
Samantha_Dawn June 14, 2016
Thank you so much !!
Karine June 13, 2016
breathtaking shot!
Samantha_Dawn June 14, 2016
Thank you so much !! :)

Behind The Lens

I frequently photograph barrel races here in Missouri! Most of the times the girls will just order their pictures from me. They love when I take some of the really cool shots like these and turn them into "art" !!
If anything shows how dedicated some photographers are it's catching certain images in the HEAT of the day. As a barrel racing photographer I took this photo in June around 2pm, so almost at the heat of the day! I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out two days before too...I was miserable...but dedicated. I love my job.
The light was very high in the sky at 2pm. I chose this photo because the light hit the ground, the girl, and the horse just right. It didn't cast any horrible shadows, like what I was expecting.
This was shot with a Canon 60D, a 70-200 2.8f is L lens, and a small tripod. Mostly to keep my camera on second barrel and so I could turn to capture the horses running home.
I love taking ordinary images and putting textured backgrounds to them. This normally was still a pretty sweet photo...It just would have shown the arena, the the people in it, and the other 2 barrels.
In this particular case it is easy to see I added a textured background to it in photoshop to draw in the viewers and keep them focused on just the rider and the horse. Everything else was pretty distracting in the background, so I just cut it all out. Blended the textured background in as well as used my clone tool to add in dirt and dust from the original image to the textured image.
In my camera bag
I never ever ever leave without my 70-200 2.8f is L lens....espeically because I am 90% of the time an Equine photograther, this lens is the best thing for my work. My camera is a Canon 60D and it was a recent upgrade from my Canon REBEL I grew up and got a big girl camera. The changes in my work have been astounding!! At times I will also carry my Rebel with me only for other shots I cannot get or my helper is with me.
Find your local barrel race or rodeo and ask if you can photograph the barrels! I always do. Make sure the lighting isn't too dark for the pictures, sometimes they do the races later in the day to cut the heat from the riders and horses! I always sit near second barrel because it is normally their best barrel. Some girls like the shots of their horses going into the barrel, some like it as their horse is turning it like this shot, and some like it when it shows their horse already turning and digging in the dirt and headed to the next barrel. Practice makes perfect, I every now and then will have a little trouble....these horses are high caliber and fast!!!!

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