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Setting the World A Glow - IMG_2691





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Beegirl October 18, 2016
Amazing capture
Neckbone April 10, 2017
Great shot!
catherinethompson PRO
catherinethompson June 12, 2017
Stunning. This is beautiful.
mjbranscome PRO
mjbranscome January 16, 2018
Absolutely beautiful!
Egoryan March 12, 2018
What a contrasting picture! A sunny day, but it is hidden behind barbed wire
jleighkelley June 12, 2018
Wow, that's really pretty! I love the golden light and how it reflects in the grass. Beautiful!

Behind The Lens

I was on my way back from delivering a car to a dealership in Fort Smith Arkansas. I was noticing an interesting glow on the tuffs of some of the wild grasses along the side of the road. Which is where Setting the World A Glow - IMG_2691was shot just west of Fort Smith Arkansas in Oklahoma heading west on US 40.
It was a typical hot summer day in the South, with temps in the upper 90's. The day had partly cloudy sky's for most of the day, but they became thicker as the last afternoon and early evening approached. As the early evening progressed I noticed the sun was providing and unusual glow to the tuffs of the wild grasses along the road. I was watching the side of the road looking for spot that would be interesting to photograph. I drove for several minutes further and topped a small hill with a fence line. I pulled over and walked about 25' off the road to get a better angle on the fence where it would be more in perspective and in silhouette. At 7:41 pm I took the shot.
I wanted to capture the golden glow that was being created on the tuffs of the wild gasses. I just happened upon the glowing tuffs next to a fence line and then pulled off the road and walked closer to the fence line for a better composition.
I unfortunately was working delivering cars and did not have my D800 with me. So I used the only camera I carry at all times which was my iPhone 5. I shot two hand held shots.
I wanted to capture the way the light made the grass tuffs seam to glow. Driving up over the hill and seeing the silhouetted fence with the grass tuffs glowing against the green grass' was an absolute bonus that I could not pass up.
Yes, I heightened the contrast to darken the grasses and fence. I added situation to the sky and lighten the glow, making the final image what I saw when I stopped to capture the image on the roadside.
In my camera bag
I normally carry a Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70mm lens, Nikon 70-200mm lens, 2x converter, and a 77mm circular polarizing filter, an extra battery for the camera and several Sandisk 8, 16, & 32 GB Compact Flash Cards. Outside the bag I carry a Gitzo GT2531 carbon Fiber Tripod
Always carry some sort of camera with you, you never know when mother nature will present her wonders. Don't be afraid to change your perspective on what you're photographing. Try to find something to focus on that will lead the viewer through the image. Move in closer or back away, stand on a truck or on a log, squat down, leaning over or even laying down will change the vantage point and just might produce an outstanding image. No mater what your interest, if you see something that catches your eye, don't hesitate to spend a few moments exploring other possible angles. You never know what you'll get unless you try.

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