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Chasing Milkyways in the Rockies
Monarch pass.

Chasing Milkyways in the Rockies
Monarch pass.
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Dogspeed March 04, 2018
Thanks for the kind words.

Behind The Lens

I shot this in Colorado near the continental divide. High in the Rockies I just could not wait to shoot in that thin clean atmosphere.I was a bit shocked how fast the air cooled after dark as the sun set.
I spent several hours composing this shot from early evening till about 3am.I covered what I could before the clouds rolled in and the rain started.I just wish I had prepared for this possibility as the light show was jaw dropping but I had to admire it from my foggy cab.
Lighting from the few homes on the mountainside was kept to a minimum amount of bleed into the shot by last minute moves of the camera to use the foreground trees as filters.
This Image was shot on a Nikon D3200 using an old 50mm 1.8,shutter cable , tripod. and a small LED headlight.
Chasing Milkyways all across America has become one of the few pleasures I enjoy these days as I drive Truck for my living.Few hobbies lend themselves to such a tiny space.
Post was done using Adobe LightRoom but no changes to colors were done only a bit of contrast and a gentle touch of Dehaze filter.
In my camera bag
My gear has a lot asked of it pounding around in a Rig all day every day,so it comes as no surprise I like an older 50mm 1.8 prime as it is not only a tough old bird but not too costly if I drop it .I am using a Nikon D3200 body for mostly the same reasons as well as a small refractor scope.
Anyone can do this,all that is needed is a fast lens,An intervelometer or shutter cable,tripod and patience.For those of us with lots of suburban light pollution it can be harder but still many ways around that.I would suggest a small app called PhotoPills for anyone wanting to optimize their time on searching for the milkyway in the sky or planning the best phases. Good Luck!

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