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ArtistphotoEric-Villey June 05, 2016
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Hello, I me call Eric, I'm not photographer but artist, I work with prototypes and mobile phones as a result of a disease which me prevents the wear material picture, and so I specialized in the dew of the morning, the water drop and I created the style finearthof, this picture is a simple Thistle taken with a samsung 6 edge in pro mode
all my photos are taken at 5: 00 in the morning it's time currently or dew begins to slide and the day is bird leaving beautiful colors appear
the lighting is natural but I confess love being in overexposure, this is I'm enjoying the most, get her shadows to play with colors
my illness, I fell a year paralyzed me prevents wear my camera gear that is too heavy I has two guns and two nicons, but I take now all my photos with a photophones or cameras 360 degrees for my photos by drones, this photos and pictures of dew are made with a SAMSUNG EDGE 6
I think the drops of water very sensual, none are alike, it is limpid, transparent, harmonious, ca to mix with nature in perfect harmony, I really love the drops of morning dew
all my pictures of water drops are natural, no treatment I use the Picsart application to frame my photos and ask my signature is the only software used
In my camera bag
I always have on me two edge 6 .a ONE PLUS TWO Samsung... A Tablet SURFACE PRO... a prototype drone, and a selfie with a camera prototype to 360 degrees of 20 metres high
before I took water drops with my canon and a fishees goal, but if you want to do like me must already a very good phone laptop very good does not mean very expensive you have brands that are capable of taken this kind of photo to affordable, it takes a lot of patience because with the light of the day you have to wait for the right moment , not to tremble predict a foot of appreil photo for the tall grass and adapt a phone holder, and especially a lot of imagination and love, especially love the photo even with a phone is an art

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