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TimboConnard August 17, 2016
Thanks for the "Follow", Oliver!!! When I "Viewed" Your Gallery, this Image GRABBED my ATTENTION, as well it SHOULD (CONGRATULATIONS on the Trifectas & Well wishes for "Down The Middle" (It CERTAINLY IS!!!) I'm beginning to EXPERIMENT with MACRO & thought this a PERFECT example until I saw the 150mm FL!!! GREAT TAKE, especially bringing out the Two-tone COLORATION of the Iris (Blue/Brown)!!! Have NEVER witnessed BEFORE (mine are Green/Brown or "Hazel" I'm INFORMED)!!! Might just get off AFTER A FEW MORE PEEKS @ your OTHER Magnificent Works & Submit a MACRO from TRI-POD of "HAZEL" (AFTER turning OFF "Shutter Sound"!!! May The Lord God Almighty Bless Your Photographic Endeavours!!! TimboC, Mountaineer Photographic Memories, Matthew 19:25
brandiestowellestes August 20, 2016
Amazing photograph! Beautiful!
ditmarburlein August 28, 2016
Zehr schön diezes bild ,
deborahconrad September 14, 2016
The best use of selective color I've ever seen. Wonderful work!
brianthelion September 22, 2016
Looks like a Gem. Thanks of the follow. I'll keep an eye out for you

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