Late Afternoon Caracara

This late afternoon image was captured at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve, Florida.

This late afternoon image was captured at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve, Florida.
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artiste9999 May 26, 2016
Late day light makes this shot even more captivating. Nice... Cheers!
JDLifeshots August 28, 2016
Amazing capture! Congrats.
dx2j August 29, 2016
Very much enjoy this one, and all the information you've written below. Shows how much planning goes into getting all the subtleties just right.

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Behind The Lens

This photo of an Audubon's Crested Caracara was captured at Kissimmee Prairie preserve, in central Florida, USA. These birds normally inhabit wet prairies with cabbage palms or wooded areas with saw palmetto, cypress trees, and scrub oaks. I encountered this bird perched on a post near a gravel road, keeping a watchful eye for feeding opportunities! I was able to take a seated position in a low ditch, near the road, about 20 meters from the bird.
These birds seem to be active throughout the day, but for this shot, I chose to work in the softer late afternoon light.
The afternoon that this photo was captured featured soft golden light which worked well with the colors of the subject and it's surroundings.
This shot was captured using my full frame Nikon D610, and Nikkor 75-300 lens at 300mm. I hand held the camera shooting in manual mode, at ISO 1250, f9, 1/640 sec.
In Florida, the Crested Caracara is only found in a handful of counties so I chose to spend a few days camping at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve hoping to observe and photograph these amazing raptors. As it turned out, I observed 3 different birds during my 3 day outing at the park.
This photograph was post processed using two iPad apps...Snapseed and Photogene4. I used Snapseed to slightly increase the color saturation and contrast. Photogene4 was utilized for noise reduction.
In my camera bag
For wildlife photography, I start with the 75-300mm lens on the camera. If the wildlife is not cooperative, I carry a Nikkor 24-85 for the wide angle option for landscapes. Also for landscapes/long exposures, I always carry my travel tripod and 5 and 9 stop ND filters. If I have closeup opportunities, I have a Nikkor 35-70 macro in the bag as well.
For wildlife shots, I achieve the best results by scouting a potential area at mid day when the light is too harsh for most photography. I am looking for areas where wildlife subjects are currently active, or where there is evidence of recent activity. My goal is to select a place that provides cover for me and my gear to return to later in the day when the light is softer.

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