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Fabius May 22, 2016
Great shot , dreaming girl
JDesjardins November 09, 2017
michaelwilliamson_3241 November 15, 2017
Is that Mary Poppins? Nice photo
gbernhard April 08, 2018
Very Cool! Love this!

Take Me Away - 001





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on a lovely weekend day at the end August 2014 out by Edam, Saskatchewan Canada.
The photo was taken roughly around 3:00pm
The lighting was all natural and worth every penny.
As far as my equipment I just used my handy Nikon D750 and my trusty Sigma 24-70.
I was inspired to take this photo as I have always loved levitation photography and the magic it creates and I wanted to harness some of that creative magic for myself.
All post processing was completed in Photoshop and as far as changing up the image the only thing that changed was patching out the ladder :) everything else is just nature at it's best.
In my camera bag
What's In My Bag you ask? Well I always have a Nikon camera body either my trusty D750 or my D7000 sometimes I can been seen with a tiny little Nikon D3300. I am a huge Sigma fan so I have pretty much all their ART series and I can't tell you how happy I am with the performance of these lenses. But in my bag you will always spot the Sigma ART 50mm 1.4 its my workhorse.
As far as all you out there wanting to try out some levitation photography I say go and do it !!! Do it now !!! you will be so happy with the creative result you will become addicted to the levitation magic.

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