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May, 2016

Inner harbor,Abu Dhabi

Trying to capture some of the dynamics of this amazing city was impossible but this image does a pretty fair job.

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Behind The Lens

The place was Abu Dahbi in the inner harbor.
This was about midnight after the crowds declined.
The lights were as you see them. I looked for a spot where I could get some reflections but the colors and sharpness are what makes this image tho.
Sony A7R11 with their 24/70 lens. Manfroto tripod.
The architecture of the Emirates is so dynamic that is inspires you to try to capture its force. I wanted to shoot at night when the crowds were absent and the contrasts were at their highest. I always go for the "WOW" shots.
The pic speaks for itself with a slight bit of contrast and clarity added.
In my camera bag
My new Sony, an adapter in order to accommodate my old Nikon lenses, a wide angle Nikon lens unless I'm shooting action stuff, tripod, Lightning Bug, and a Lee filter system.
You've got to prowl around the general area to scout for possible locations but nothing replaces shooting a lot and changing your perspective from time to time. Patience is the real prerequisite for fine art.

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