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asia_krasuska June 17, 2016
Amazing image!
lindaannamahon June 18, 2016
Powerful ????
ponchoalarcon July 04, 2016
Print it. PRINT IT!!! =) Amazing wonderful photography!
WendyR July 09, 2016
Witmar August 01, 2016
great capture
mattmorring August 05, 2016
That picture make me feel very small, just like the person in the picture.
SuperPhotos August 07, 2016
Unbelievable! 10/10
wc August 31, 2016
Wonderful balance! Spot on composition . . . well done old son!
JeffreyA September 16, 2016
Wow awesome shot
ahmedfouadibraheem December 01, 2016
More than excellent.
jewlsravenwolf May 31, 2017
I am absolutely in love with this photo! I speaks to my soul! Magnificent!!!!
IncarnateArts August 08, 2017
This is freakin' beautiful!
Alwolfe October 12, 2017
ScenebytheRoad December 28, 2017
Just WOW
Gina7777 July 05, 2018

Memoirs of a Madman

Snoqualmie Falls, WA during some of the largest flows we've ever seen.
Snoqualmie Falls, WA during some of the largest flows we've ever seen.
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Behind The Lens

Snoqualmie Falls, WA USA
about midnight
There are several stadium lights that illuminate the main portion of the falls every night. The main viewpoint is actually from above, and can be seen towards the top left of the image. Everything that you see below was completely dark, aside from my friends headlamp :)
I used a Nikon D750 with a Rokinon 14mm 2.8. Also a Manfrotto 055 tripod with 054 head.
I processed this several months ago, but I can tell you that I remember pushing the file as far as it would go. The brights were very bright, and the darks were extremely dark. I raised the shadowed areas a ton and dropped the highlights to a reasonable place. I also brushed a bunch of clarity to the rocks to show off the sheen and textures. It was a very cold night and my friend was wearing a ton of layers under his rain gear. He looked like a puff ball. I cleaned up his figure a bit, but we don't have to tell him that...
In my camera bag
I always try to carry as many lenses as I can. I only have a telephoto zoom lens, so the rest are pretty lightweight primes. Night photography is my favorite, so I always have a tripod, remote shutter release, and a flashlight/headlamp. A dust blower is always in my bag along with a microfiber cloth and a backup battery. I carry painters tape for various emergencies as well. oh, there are some pretty old Cliff bars, a lighter and hand warmers buried somewhere. I have yet to really be pushed into a survival situation, but Bear Grylls would give that stuff a thumbs up i think.
Night time isn't usually the most ideal time to take waterfall pictures... Typically the waterfall will end up in a dark valley or wooded area with very little ambient light. If you'd like to try it though, I'd recommend camera settings similar to astrophotography. Use a wider aperture than normal and add ISO as needed. Usually waterfalls are away from the city lights so these settings will also ensure you don't get star movement in your sky. I'd recommend trying a bit of light painting if there are no other artificial lights already. Wear and bring proper gear! Chances are, you'll be getting wet. your camera will also probably get wet so make sure your camera and lens have decent water sealing. Some super grippy shoes are essential. You WILL encounter slippery rocks at some point. Headlamps are a great idea so you can have your hands free in case you slip and fall. Get creative! bring a tiki torch, or maybe even try a star trail photo with your waterfall as a foreground. I've been to this particular waterfall many many times before, and this was definitely the most angry I have ever seen it. The cascade on the left is an overflow purge. Usually it doesn't exist unless there are flood conditions. We had front row seats to the immense mist, and keeping the lens dry was a challenge. A dust blower is the best way to remove water off the front element of the lens. I kept the lens cap on until right before I released the shutter. Then once the exposure finished, I recapped it immediately, but honestly, the glass was soaked. Everything was soaked. Have fun, respect nature, and above all else, be safe!

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