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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Kettering town Centre.
This picture was taken at noon.
I wanted the photo to have the right amount of lighting, so that it wouldn't be over exposed or under exposed. Also, I had to take care of where the sun was as that could have changed the image completely.
This was taken with a SONY DSC-H90 camera and no flash.
I was inspired from the tree that had the beauty coming from the blossoms as well as the texture of the tree trunk. I wanted to take picture of the blossom as well as the tree trunk and I tried different ways until I came up with this great idea. Now i love the technique and the outcome.
In order to get this photo in the end, I had to plan the different techniques that I would apply making it to be creative.
In my camera bag
I have my camera SONY DSC-H90 which has 16x Optical Zoom, batteries if I need to use more than one and memory cards so if i do fill one memory card I can change to another to get more photos. With this I can capture memories as well as really good pictures.
The best time can be spring or summer, as that is when you can see the blossoms in the background. Don't just look up a tree, but place your camera on the tree trunk to take the picture with a similar outcome.

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