Sky and Aic

The absolutely gorgeous and fun-loving brothers Sky and Aic.

The absolutely gorgeous and fun-loving brothers Sky and Aic.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on Turøy, a small island just outside of Bergen, Norway. I had never been there before, but the dogs owner wanted photos from this area, as they often go there for walks.
This is actually around midday. The sky was filled with large softboxy fluffy skies with just enough openings in them to see some spots of blue here and there, and some beautiful light shining through. Gorgeous light!
I've only ever really worked with natural light, as I did this time. There's a lovely shine coming through the skies, and we tried placing the dogs so they'd get some cute little catchlights from the sky in the photos. Doesn't really show in this photo obviously as their heads are turned.
This was shot with my fantastic D750! I love this camera, a perfect match for me! Used my wideangle 14-24 2.8. at 18mm f9 ISO 400 1/1600. I've recently started playing with wideangle and dogs, so much fun!
Wanted a funlooking image of the two boys, and the amazing sky behind them. The lines in the stone they're lying on made me want to get a shot in that direction. They are two absolutely adorable guys, so sweet and fun!
I actually enhanced the left guy(Sky) a little, as he was lying a little bit behind the right guy (Aic) and looked a lot smaller in the image comparatively than he really was. Also removed parts of the owner that was stood on the left, who they were looking at. (Waiting for a treat. ;) ) Obviously enhanced the colours of the sky a bit. :)
In my camera bag
I carry way more stuff than I use, but I have a severe case of the "what if I don't bring X just when I neeeeeeded it!!" I bring my Nikon D750 obviously. I also bring the holy trio that is my 14-24 2.8(Nikkor), 24-70 2.8(Tamron) and 70-200 2.8(Nikkor). I love them all equally, and they all do such amazing and different things! I tend to also bring some primes, particularily my 35mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.4 (both Sigma art), and my first ever prime, that gave me my first images that I really loved, my 85 1.8 (Nikkor). I love you little one! <3 I also always pack some kind of cleaning stuff, there's always dogslobber to be had. Being a dogphotographer I also bring squeaky toys of various kinds, balls, toys and treat. And I should really consider bringing a blanket, as I seem to always end up lying down. :)
Find yourself some amazing skies and get down low! Dogs are such fun to capture at their eye-level or below! Remember to bring something that interests them if you want them to actually look at you, but don't forget you can place their owner in the direction you want the dogs to look. And have fun! Photographing dogs is such fun, you have no idea what they're up to, and even when they do understand what you want (sit! Staaaaaay!) they might end up doing something completely different, which could be even better!

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