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Rose Petals

Pink rose petals and center that fill the frame.

Pink rose petals and center that fill the frame.
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onyanita PRO+
onyanita June 18, 2016
congrats on your Peoples'Choice Award. Lovely image.
p_eileenbaltz June 19, 2016
Lovely! Congratulations. :)
joycealicesmith June 20, 2016
Congratulations on winning People's Choice!
ovosphotography June 30, 2016

Behind The Lens

I took this photo at Park & Tilford Gardens in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It's a lovely garden kept open all year round with a large variety of flowers and other plants and trees.
I almost always take photos of flowers in the late afternoon, always after 3 PM or often on cloudy days and often after a rainfall.
Choosing the later afternoon often gives a softer light when the sun is still up and a more even light when it's cloudy. I happen to live in a rain forest area and on the west coast so there tends to be more rain and cloudy days than other parts of Canada. Shooting during a setting sun however, tends to be my favourite light choice. I rarely use flash and don't have reflectors yet. Reflectors are helpful for evenness however.
I always use my tripod. I have a Nikon D3200 and the lens I used for this image was my trusty 55-300mm because I like to get close up when I think it will look great with a filled frame. I don't yet have an external flash so rarely use the camera's. I also use my remote so I don't have to touch the camera, ensuring the least amount of movement.
I do love flowers as they are such a cheerful subject. However, I also like the challenges they present: shapes; colors and light direction always changing and they will appear different as the climate changes. In this particular case, I wanted the center of this flower because of the delicate and interesting details and the shape of the surround petals intrigued me and I wanted a filled frame so those shapes and tones would be the star of the shot.
Yes, most often I do some processing. I'm careful not to over saturate flowers, preferring their more natural tones. In this case I did a tonal contrast to bring out the subtle changes in colors and bring out the details a bit more, but I didn't do much else as I felt it didn't need anything more. This shot was not cropped but I did extend a corner by cloning to eliminate a small distraction.
In my camera bag
My bag carries the essentials really. I have just two lenses at this time; my 55-300mm and my 18-55mm. I hope to get a macro lens soon. I carry my polarizer filter, lens cleaning tools, extra card, remote control; pen with paper for notes; a small rolled tarp for low point of view shots; tripod and an extra battery.
Photographing flowers is more challenging than most people think. There is a wonderful variety of shapes, colors, textures to work with and the different light situations requires practice and knowledge of the best times of the day and climate are important. Be aware of your background with flowers, try to avoid anything distracting and watch your depth of field. Look at all the different possible angles as flowers will feel different according to the angle taken. Filling the frame works really well when a flower has an interesting center but not so well when it doesn't. The shape of a flower will often dictate what angle will look best, as will the lighting and background. I've found the best time of day is either early morning or late afternoon; avoiding bright sun is usually best. Always use a tripod! A slight wind can ruin a lovely image so be patient. Many photographers use either manual or aperture mode to take flower shots; I use both.

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