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Celebrating Nature Photography Day Photo Contest 2016Top 20 class
Celebrating Nature Photography Day Photo Contest 2016Top 20 class week 2
Celebrating Nature Photography Day Photo Contest 2016Top 20 class week 1


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troyvelez May 16, 2016
Awesome photo love the complete detail !! BEAUTIFUL !
thricegrate May 16, 2016
Great macro

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the forest somewhere in Malaysia. Among the trees and brushes, my sights are taught (by seniors) to be more observance while in search of insects or small animals.
I remember taking this shot around 5pm and it started to show sign of rain. While I just about to call it a day, I noticed this little fella flying around bushes. It was a robberfly. Whilst robberfly shots are pretty common amongst the seniors, this is my first shot of one.
When I first get my self into digital photography, I was first exposed to macro photography through my colleagues. I was immediately hooked. Then I discover that "lighting" is the utmost vital and complex subject for macro photography. We an external flash forthe camera and a custom diffuser for even and soft lighting. As a beginner I was intrigued, there are so much more to learn in macro photography, because for different size of macro lens and camera settings, we need a custom-made diffuser to suits our own unique settings, in order to cast an even and soft lighting onto the subject. Untill now, I am still learning to improve my lighting, because the "science" behind it is quite complex.
Sony A6000, Samyang 100mm Macro lens, MK320 flash and a custom diffuser
I often explore in to different part of east Malaysian forest in search of insects or small animals for macro shots. A robberfly shots a quite common amongst macro photographers. When I first saw one, I was excited. Thus, this is a first and a version of my own robberfly shots.
Macro shots often involve in croping and composing the subjects. I also did some tuning to sharpen up the details of the image.
In my camera bag
First thing that I packed is lots and lots of batteries. In search of macro subjects, we often do during night time, during that we need headlamps and flash lights, and those consumes alot of batteries. I my bag i always have my Sony a6000, Samyang 100m macro lens, kits lens and a helios m44-2. Then a tripod is a must bring for macro shots, an external flash mk320 and a Raynox DCR-250. To stay hydrated while exploring, I also bring along a waterbottle. Tips: Sometimes we need to put ourself in awkward position in order to take the in-situ shot, for that I always wear a pair of knee pad. ;)
I started of learning macro with a 30mm macro lens. People would say 30mm lens is too short for macro shots. But that way, i learnt to be not afraid to get dirty or upclose to the subject. Patience is important for in-situ macro shots, because wildlife insects and animals often get away and stressed away if we are not discreet and patience.

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