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sweetpea72 May 12, 2016
Love this, bestie!! ツ
SuzMDixon May 13, 2016
Gorgeous - they really have a different quality in b&w - almost metallic!
chuckrickman May 14, 2016
This is definately a WOW image.
A_B_digital May 16, 2016
Who would have thought tulips would look this stunning in black and white? You would, of course, Annette. This is a fantastic image - like a steel sculpture. Great focus and DOF. Really inventive. I love it!
mihrt May 16, 2016
I've done tulips in black and white before and it is very effective - but I like that you have the clouds still In the composition. The only suggestions I have and just me - it is your vision - but I think I would clone out the ones in the upper left corner - only because I love the Drama of the Black and White and that 'leaf or cloud formation' that is a lot whiter, I think draws AWAY from this fabulous composition and perhaps see if you can fix the leaf in the lower left. I don't think it would take much - just cloning or use the 'Content Aware Move' tool. Main reason I mention this as I think this would be awesome printed Anne. But forgive me if you don't see the same - you are the Artist!!!
onyanita May 19, 2016
beautiful light and composition
BrianBasson June 04, 2016
Stunning in black & white
Bazz May 09, 2017
Beautiful capture! Looks wonderful in black and white! Thank you for joining my "Tulips" challenge! Good Luck!

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