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margaretdiffenbaugh PRO+
margaretdiffenbaugh March 30, 2017
Love this dog portrait. Great characterization.
bechahill March 31, 2017
thank you!
DonArsenault November 06, 2017
Great pet portrait!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my dining room. I remember I had just gotten a new light meter and wanted to learn how it worked in natural light, as well as with flash and constant light. I was just snapping random pictures all day trying to figure out how to read the meter and learn the adjustments needed on my camera.
This photo was taken in the mid morning sun. Right around 10AM. There was something about the sunlight in his eyes that made me keep trying for the perfect shot while the lighting seemed so perfect.
I had no special lighting. My window was facing East so I sat right next to it while the dog looked through at the children playing on the other side. It was a fairly cloudy day actually, but it evened out the tone of the natural light very well.
For this I used my Canon T2i Rebel. Shes old but good! My kit lens was the only thing I had going on at the time, so 55-80mm. I was trying to learn to use my new Gossen Sixtomat F2 Exposure Meter on the natural light.
I was inspired by my dog's focus. He had no attention to look anywhere except outside at the kids. There he was, sitting still as a statue, regal and smooth. I had to capture the look on his face. The serious conviction on me for not allowing him to play.
Honestly, when it came to this picture I don't believe I even cropped it. I normally do a good amount of exposure and saturation balancing, but this just seemed to natural, too real, to even think that I could improve upon it at all.
In my camera bag
I ALWAYS keep my kit lens and ribbon. I normally keep with me my 85mm prime f1.8 canon. And my bag is filled with extra SD cards and lens cloths. Most times I have my 35mm prime with me as well. As for the ribbon, you never know when you might find the perfect shot but it just needs something more!
having a steady hand and good lighting helps with photos like this. I also used selective focus and made sure that I was able to get the range of color correct by using the natural light and without post processing. A photo like this is not as much about the way you capture it, it's about the feeling you get from it. Looking at this photo I couldn't tell you that I planned to take it, I just had a feeling that I'd want to see what's in front of me again.When I have my camera out I always try to focus on emotions: what the subject feels, what I feel, how others will feel when they see it. Photography is an art of seeing the world through a perspective only the photographer can see, until they share it with the world!

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