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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in studio for my client she was due within 2 weeks of this session, this session was shot on pure white studio paper. I love how clean it is to shoot against the white paper. my set up for this session was with two studio strobe lights to help accomplish the lighting that I needed to get this image. I edit in Lightroom with basic edits and then bring it into Photoshop to finish it off. I love black and white images so it is usually what I have in mind while I'm in a session.
This image is one of my favorites right now. This session was done early in the day before lunchtime. The nice thing about shooting in a studio is that you don't need to worry about daylight. For me the dress was a perfect fit for this image, It shows off her beautiful curves and the beautiful baby bump that she has. It was hard to believe that she was due in 2 weeks from the time this was shot. It was about getting the correct lighting to show off the dress and her curves having her put her hands at her lower back and leaning back to push out her bump worked.
I wanted this image to look sexy and beautiful with the enfaces being all about the baby bump.
I used a Canon 6D with a Canon EF 24-105 L 4.0, 2 StudioPro 800W strobes, 50x50 softbox for strobes, PocketWizard plusX, Super White seamless paper in 107x36
I love the shape of a pregnant woman it's just so beautiful. I have followed and taken a couple of workshops over this last year one in NY with Ana Brandt she is from Southern California but travels the world to show photographers how to photograph pregnancies as well as newborn babies. ( Ana inspires many people with her work. Mary Maloney of Pebbles and Polka Dots Photography located in Western Ma. is also an inspiration for me. She inspires me through the lighting that she gets with her photography wether in her studio or with her outdoor photography of pregnant women and newborns. ( all though they both have different styles I love their work and the feel of their images.
My editing tends to be very simple. I download everything into Lightroom and cull through everything there. I then do just some basics using presets from Pretty Preset Workflow presets and then used brushes to brighten up the background, bring out the pattern on the dress. from there it was transferred to Photoshop and I used liquify to bring out her curves goes back into Lightroom to use Black and White preset under basic.
In my camera bag
The equipment that I typically have in my bag are my Canon EF 24-105L 4.0, Canon EF70-200 2.8 L, Canon EF135 prime 2.0L, Canon Fisheye EF 15mm 2.8. These tend to be my go to lenses especially my 24-105 it has so much versatility for me and the images are great. My newest favorite is my Fisheye for those special photo's at the beach with children going up close and getting a lot of background plus the curve is pretty awesome.
Start with photographers that inspire you look at their work, take some workshops. Workshops are great because they give you the tools that you need to get started in this business. I'm just starting out in this journey and it was important for me to do as much research on this business. Practicing studio lighting is important and asking lots of questions. There is lots of information out there for you to take advantage of, sources include pinterst as well as videos on there are many companies that have online courses look into,,, these are all really great resources as well as there are many private Facebook groups that are willing to help out with any questions.

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