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Every drop counts
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Outstanding Creativity
LisaGHunter ivonneortiz shmessufyanansari Myowndsign BrianMDoucette StaceyPPhoto RobinBanks +25
Superb Composition
TuxCats5 lilmissdogooder Jasonboydduncan DawnPort victorvelazquez samanthaasmith Aarti_Sachin_Soman +21
Top Choice
patrickpalomera stefhaniejoycesamsonmoralesii andinorwich psguru FotoAubergine JoseanDomRi p_eileenbaltz +17
Absolute Masterpiece
davidbusseti pietnel bigblockcarl grayfriday bbuckler358 LMatteau josverelst +1
timlucas jekabssilacerps
All Star
Magnificent Capture

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Inspired By The World Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
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Water Photo Contest 2017Top 10 class week 1
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Uncommon Textures Photo ContestTop 20 class
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Experimental Underexposure Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1


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monoart June 22, 2016
Love the tones and shallow depth of field.
AdelFerrito June 23, 2016
Thanks monoart! :)
timlucas January 22, 2017
Now i like this a lot! The tones, the DOF, the water droplets... Amazingly good image.

Behind The Lens

It should have been a long exposure exercise night, walking along the promenade of an old city ( Birgu ), in the south of Malta. The plan along with my friend was to capture some of the majestic medieval architecture with its amber lit hues and silky water foregrounds from the opposite side of the Marina. If you want to have a look follow these coordinates on goggle maps:- 35°52'56.0"N 14°31'11.4"E For the history buffs follow this link :-
Half planned half circumstances ( work :d ), the first shot found us past 22hrs on a beautiful somewhat warm middle of winter eve. As one can imagine the area was packed with teens on wheels ( large and small ), couples and the odd die hard jogger. All in all you can say the Photographers have a high patience threshold.
The thing about old cities and its bastions is that you are bound to a dead line, your window closes by mid-night, no more amber hues no more beautiful reflections, well on a good note no more joggers! As you can imagine my D3200 is not an ISO monster and its has it limitations when she deals with noise and high ISO's, i also have an allergic reaction for anything beyond 200, not cause of any past noisy experience but rather as a mental aversion.
My dear trusted and wonderful Nikon D3200 and a good old Kit lens ( 18-55mm ) no vr supported by a light weight Manfrotto tripod.
At the time i was still somewhat new to the equipment game and my only source of juice was the battery that came with my camera, well taking 30 sec plus long exposures drains her like an Irish chap in a free for all beer garden Pub! thus at one point i had to stop taking long exposures as it would have shortened by eve rapidly.. and here comes the bit were you have to go beyond your fears and aversions, and out of my confront zone i walked with an ISO of 1200 .
I must say that i did not particularly like this pic on the camera screen and left it in the capture folder for a few months before i turned back to it! a little sharpening and just a little edge burn to frame and give depth.
In my camera bag
Nikon D3200, Nikkor 35mm Prime, 18 - 55mm Kit Lens and a Vintage Nikkor Q 200mm auto. A remote a low Manfrotto tripod and a light weight 1mtr version. some ND filters and when you learn the lesson redundant batteries!
Just walk out of your comfort zone, try try try.. different angles, odd perspectives you can read all you like about anything but until you actually try it and see the result with your own eyes you won't really understand and would have progressed nowhere.

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