Haunted Helsinki 5

Kruunuvuori, Helsinki, Finland

Kruunuvuori, Helsinki, Finland
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Behind The Lens

I like to travel in Finland. This photo was taken in Kruunuvuori, an area in Helsinki where abandoned wooden houses were left in a forest near the Baltic seashore. I’m a graphic artist, painter and designer, but also I like to travel with my camera. So I collected a lot of shots with local landmarks and urban details.
Certainly, the weather and lighting were not good for photography. It was a rainy midday, May 6, 2015. The rain started in the moment when I found the place and parked my car. But it was my only possibility...
As I say, light, time and weather were bad. But in some way these unfortunate conditions coincided with a feeling that caused by abandoned homes.
I used just my old Canon 350D with EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM lens.
I am looking for marks and signs of the fleeting time in my travel, architectural or urban pictures.
As I remember I used some filters, curves and other instruments, and I left a very small amount of color.
In my camera bag
I don’t count myself a professional photographer. Usually a have my camera or two with EFS 17-85mm and EFS 10-22mm lens.
Before any trip take the time to explore everything that may be near your route. I found this place, like many others, reading articles and notes on the web.

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