Calm Before The Storm

News channels say there's a severe thunderstorm warning, the sky says otherwise.

News channels say there's a severe thunderstorm warning, the sky says otherwise.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in front of my house. I live in a suburb right outside of Chicago. The summer sunsets are always beautiful. Some in simplicity of just a natural orange sky. Some in the dissonance of beauty and storms colliding.
This photo was taking during sunset as a big storm was rolling in. My phone kept ringing with notifications of thunderstorms and tornado warnings. I went to look outside and the sun was breaking through the clouds.
I've been exploring lighting more recently, more so with my portrait photography than anything else. This photo I wanted to use the natural sunlight to capture the contast. Lighting can be such a useful tool in photography. Example, a darker picture with heavy contrast and perhaps some desaturation can convey a darker concept or idea.
This was taken with a Canon 80d, a Canon 10-22mm lens and the camera was handheld.
The beauty of the sun breaking through the storm clouds was enchanting. It was such an ironic beauty. I love being able to capture the beautiful moments nature creates. When I was 19 a kid that grew up on my block with me, a few years younger passed away. He was a beautiful person and loved painting and creating different forms of art. I love thinking that every beautiful sunset is painted by him. I try to capture a lot of them!
I have to admit, I love editing in Lightroom. I love the idea of being able to recover detail that may have otherwise been lost. In this photo I purposely under exposed in order to pull out the reflection in the windows and highlights on the houses. Lastly, I made the color pop. I LOVE colorful photos, they always pull me in right away. Most of my pictures reflect the idea of heavy color.
In my camera bag
My kit is always evolving as I grow as a photographer and expand into my own business. While this is the case I have many go-to's. I always have my Canon 70D by my side, it is always reliable and ready to work. The housing is like a tank and is always ready to take the abuse of day to day shooting. I carry three different lenses with me currently; the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8, the Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5, and the Canon 50mm f/1.8. Always, always, always have a nifty fifty! It was one of my first and favorite lenses. It works so well anytime I have a portrait gig. The 24-70mm is slowly becoming my favorite lens. It is considered one of the best all-around lenses. I now understand why. In the tripod world, I use a manfrotto action compact and a ZoMei carbon fiber with ball head tripod. While it's nice to have great gear and always fun to have the latest and greatest when starting photography it isn't necessary. You can create great images on any camera available to you. Don't let gear hold you back from creating beautiful images or exploring a potential passion.
No matter what type of photography you pursue always keep your eyes open. Explore, be observant, always be open to the things around you. Capture the things that intrigue you most. Most of all, be patient, especially if you're into landscape photography. For this most of my landscape shots I waited for clouds to overlap a certain way or waited for the sun to disappear or reappear from behind a cloud. Though we often wish that nature could take direction like a model and pose exactly right, we must be patient and capture the natural beauty. In my experience more times than not it is significantly more beautiful than anything I would've have imagined. When you finally get the pictures back home and ready to edit, don't over edit. It can be a fine line that is often hard to find when editing. I have trouble sometimes over clicking through Lightroom. I use photography as an outlet, I use my pictures to emote. When you put your feeling into pictures, your passion, or perhaps your sadness people will key in on that. It will pull them into the picture and will tell a story. Remember photography is an amazing way to convey your message to people.

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