Pearls On A Weed

This was taken after the rain.

This was taken after the rain.
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debbidayton June 15, 2016
Cool shot.
asia_krasuska June 21, 2016
Beautiful shot! I love the background colours as well as the dandelion!
carmentquesada July 24, 2016
Thank you asia_krasuska for your encouraging comment.
carmentquesada July 24, 2016
Thanks debbidayton.

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Behind The Lens

This plant, weed actually, called billy goat weed (Ageratum Conyzoids Linn.) grow abundantly along the roadside of my hometown. I picked one up, brought it home to my veranda, stuck it on a floral foam, sprayed water to see how it would look and this is the result.
I was coming home from a trip to town after lunch and our dog came running to meet me. She was excitedly wagging her tail and as we were on the roadside her tail caught up some of these weed blooms and sent them flying in the air and that's what got my attention. I took a shot of this at 1:30:29 on March 3, 2016 as displayed in my camera.
I placed the foam where I stuck this plant on top of our veranda baluster. It was midday and the sky was overcast. Although our veranda was shaded, I found that natural light was all that was needed to take this shot.
I took this shot with my Canon EOS 1200D with a Canon 60mm macro lens attached and handheld my camera.
This question makes me think back from when I took this photo. From my memory, I wouldn't really call it "inspired" but I was actually challenged to see if I can take a photo of water drops with my entry level camera. There's this site where I joined and I was overwhelmingly awed at the submissions of others on the subject of water drops, see their exif data listing their high end camera and I thought to myself, how can I take photos like that with a 1200d? And so I tried and this photo came out. Thanks, by the way, for liking this photo.
My camera is set to jpeg format and the only post-processing I did to this photo is to sharpen the details and increase the saturation using Fotor editor because I don't have photoshop and I don't know how to do photoshop, it's next on my agenda though.
In my camera bag
I'm only 3 years old in this awesome world of photography, thanks to my son from whom I took this photography bug and who lends me his canon 60mm 2.8 macro lens, canon 24-105mm IS, and since he upgraded his camera, I now include the eos 60d with my ever faithful 1200d with its 18-55mm kit lens. Heavy for a 60 year old, so I don't bring them all together and don't forget the tripod.
Professional photographers say to use a tripod and a macro lens to take shots like this and so they're right. But in my personal experience, I've taken shots of water drops on flowers using my 18-55, 5.6 kit lens with my camera hand held and got some real nice shots. The photo above was taken with a macro lens at f9 1/125 ISO100 and without a tripod, but I want to let you know that I took several shots and I mean several, and then selected the best from the lot. Another detail that comes to mind when I took this shot was that there was no wind at all and I was sitting down with my arm resting on the balustrade and no other destruction, was just me and my obedient and silent subject. It's really all up to who's taking the shots, depending on the situation you're in, it's you who calls the shot, so go have fun shooting.

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