Golden Tree





Contest Finalist in Night And Bokeh Photo Contest
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Composing with Patterns Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Happy Holidays Photo Contest 2016Top 30 class week 1


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tmlakshmi PRO+
tmlakshmi May 01, 2016
beautiful Bokeh. How did you do this? I tried several times, read lot of articles. still cannot create a beautiful Bokh. Well done my friend.
ChasingShadows PRO+
ChasingShadows May 18, 2016
Nice one!
Treecy Premium
Treecy August 21, 2016
Very pretty

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Behind The Lens

Paddington Brisbane Queensland Australia The sunset sets behind the Caxton Street.
Just a bit before sunset.
The location is slightly raised up and the sunset occurs behind a low hill. Waiting for a certain time allows for the beautiful colours to come out. Different nights, different colours
7D Mk 2 plus Standard lens. Really low Aperture. I wanted to get as much of the tree in.
The word. I kept on hearing in photo circles and wasn't sure what it was. But when I found out I thought I would go out and intentionally create some situations. I discovered that the blur is varied to the point where the location becomes unrecognisable, so it is a bit of an experiment to get the optimum amount of blur before the image becomes totally irrecognisable.
I tweaked the blue and tweaked the gold just to bring out the colours a little more on screens. Lightroom was used for this.
In my camera bag
I worship at the Canon Alter. I own a 7D Mk2 but hire cameras on a regular basis to experiment. 5D 2&3 and 1 DX 1D Mk2 Even shhhs don't tell canon but I shoot with a Nikon as well.
Experiment. Take lots of shots different angles and you can be surprised.

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