Locarno Beach Park Sunset





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ahmedfouadibraheem April 16, 2016
Subzero56 April 18, 2016
Thank you sir!
nancyb926 July 15, 2017
Beautiful image. Thank you for entering my Golden Hour Challenge!
pdeyear July 15, 2017
Beautiful Shot
JordanJBrown July 16, 2017
Awesome photo!
FredericMONIN PRO+
FredericMONIN July 16, 2017
Great landscape !!!
TcCamera PRO
TcCamera August 06, 2017
TomasTar PRO+
TomasTar June 08, 2018

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Locarno Beach, part of the Spanish Banks, in the west end of Vancouver, BC.
This was take just about 10 minutes after sunset. We had a picnic by the beach and stayed late for the sunset. I have been eyeing this spot for a long time but luck was not on my side. Mostly, I was just a little too late and when I get there the colors are gone. There was one time the sky was perfect but the water was so low the foreground was not good at all. There was also a time when I had everything ready and my battery ran out.
It was already a little bit dark so I had to use long exposure to make sure that the image is properly exposed. The exposure time was about 76 seconds. To prevent the sky from being washed out I used a 6 stops ND filter and a 3 stops hard grad ND filter.
This was taken using a Canon 7D with Sigma 10-22mm, Lee little stopper, 0.9 hard grad ND filter, tripod, and a remote trigger
I love landscapes especially sunsets. I love the color transition of the sky and the golden moment. I usually look for beautiful sunset spots around Vancouver hoping one day I will get the perfect shot. I'm only an amateur hoping to get better.
I usually post process my photos in Lightroom and finish it off in Photoshop. In this photo, I increased the white balance to make it a little bit warmer as well as the saturation to emphasize the golden skyline. I also adjusted luminance to remove noise from the water and making it a little smoother. Lastly, I used adjustment brush to add sharpness to the rocks.
In my camera bag
In my bag, I have my Canon 7D mark I , Sigma 17-50mm as my walkaround lens, Sigma 10-22mm for my landscapes and long exposures, Canon 55-250mm for telephoto, Lee filters and polariser (6 stops ND, 0.9 soft and hard grad ND, 105mm polariser), remote trigger, and backup CF card. I have my tripod in a separate bag.
For me planning ahead is very important. I usually use Google maps to find the perfect spot. I also look at the weather. Ideally, you want clear skies but there are times when overcast days give you dramatic cloud formation just right above the horizon.

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