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Pablo-Klik PRO
Pablo-Klik October 31, 2016

MAGNIFICA FOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mish55 PRO
Mish55 October 31, 2016
Stunning capture! Congrats on your challenge win!

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Behind The Lens

I photograph a series of dance competitions and this was during one of the performances. These two girls were so in sync and they just rocked it!
Well, it was indoors, so perhaps it's n/a
Since it's stage lighting--saturated, high contrast and unforgiving--I just had to keep the tracking tight and the back-button focus diligent and hope for the best.
A Canon 6D and a 70-200 f2.8L and a tripod, of course.
I was commissioned for the assignment, but the dancers always inspire me to create afterwards!
I did paint out cords and light fixtures, but only to soften the background and direct focus on the dancers.
In my camera bag
A variety of lenses, a spray bottle and glow sticks. Those props make a world of difference when you have to pull something together for a creative mood or atmosphere.
Back. Button. Focus. If you're subject is moving, or not, for that matter, this is always the best way to make sure your focus and shutter are separate and therefore don't interfere with one another.

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