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JBFitz April 29, 2016
Absolutely a Masterpiece! Beautiful!!!
KevinGPhotography April 29, 2016
Thank you so much :)
adriansart April 30, 2016
Very tranquil and resting image Kevin!
KevinGPhotography April 30, 2016
Thank you
ellenellen May 22, 2016
beautiful shot. Nicely done!
KevinGPhotography May 22, 2016
Thank you
sallycarey May 31, 2016
Great mood in this photo!
KevinGPhotography May 31, 2016
Thank you
CURUTCHET July 02, 2016
where is port Andtrax
KevinGPhotography July 02, 2016
Island of Mallorca Spain
tongant July 02, 2016
A wonderful photo!
KevinGPhotography July 02, 2016
Thank you
jenlynnbruce July 08, 2016
KevinGPhotography July 08, 2016
Thank you
bose July 24, 2016
Very nicely composed!
KevinGPhotography July 24, 2016
Thank you
Essex August 05, 2016
The lights and their reflection are magical in this shot, Kevin. Your photos continue to delight me with their variety and attention to detail.
KevinGPhotography August 05, 2016
Thank you so much Carol
Keith_Nunes August 16, 2016
Good picture. Just the right blend of light and dark. Perfectly exposed. Well done!
KevinGPhotography August 16, 2016
Thank you Keith
adamgalloway August 26, 2016
This photo is stunning great eye on seeing this and capturing it to the fullest
KevinGPhotography August 26, 2016
Thank you Adam
shema August 31, 2016
wonderful shot! great clarity in low light, love the light on the grass too
KevinGPhotography August 31, 2016
Thank you so much
antoniwaz September 22, 2016
you know why i like viewbug... seeing picture like this like brought me to another world, part of the world that i might never seen.. so alive.. thanks kevin.
KevinGPhotography October 06, 2016
Thank you and you're welcome
jpele October 22, 2016
Wonderful capture!
KevinGPhotography October 22, 2016
Thank you
pacoweaving February 22, 2017
With your sharing, I feel I'm there...merci.
KevinGPhotography February 22, 2017
Thank you
JBirosak March 10, 2017
I totally need to go to this very spot before I die. Amazing capture.
KevinGPhotography March 10, 2017
Thank you so much
Mike-n-Mindy December 14, 2017
Beautiful lighting
KevinGPhotography December 14, 2017
Thank you Mindy
Thank you so much

Port Andtrax Mallorca

Port Andtrax

Port Andtrax

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