Nature's Little Lines

Raindrops on a little white flower show the fine lines created by nature.

Raindrops on a little white flower show the fine lines created by nature.
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Behind The Lens

This capture was in my garden. Each day brings new inspirations to photograph. As an amateur photographer, I am always enjoying learning new things about photography. I love to share the feeling brought by each new discovery.
This was an after the rain photo. An early morning capture.
After the rain, a cloudy day, without the sun gave an interesting view of this flower. Sunlight may have drawn my eye to the water droplets. I discovered the lines in the flower with the muted lighting from the clouds.
Canon SX60HS, no tripod, no flash.
The beauty of this flower epitomized the fresh feeling in the air after the rain.
I did not do any post processing on this photo.
In my camera bag
In my bag I carry 2 cameras (Canon SX60HS and Nikon d3400), Nikon lenses (Prime, and zoom), 2 extra sd cards, 4 extra camera batteries, lens cleaning supplies, 2 tripods, a notepad and pen, hammock (for waiting), lunch, a light rain jacket for me (and one for each camera),and my phone.
Have patience and be prepared to wait for the shot is good advice. On the other hand, I like to be prepared to capture the moment at any given time. Cameras ready, clean, with freshly charged batteries, always. My bag is always ready to head out the door in an instant. Take lots and lots and lots of pictures, even multiples of the same to capture your favorites. Experiment with something new to photograph, then new ways to photograph the old favorites. Have fun!

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