Lonely wheel

A wheel from an old disassembled BMW motorcycle.

A wheel from an old disassembled BMW motorcycle.
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sararagen May 25, 2016
Very nice!

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in the garage of a friend. He was restoring an old bike and as he took it apart I photographed each piece... This one just stood out for me, everything about the arrangement in the photo was perfect to me.
It was early morning on a sunny day.
The natural light was enough in this photo, it didn't need anything else.
This was shot with a Canon 70D and an 18-135mm Canon lens, that's it!
I was messing around taking photos of all the bike pieces and then I saw this and the photo was so clear to me, I had to capture it!
No, that photo is totally unedited.
In my camera bag
My camera, with it's usual 18-135mm lens on it, extra lenses 75-300mm and then a wide angle. I always have extra memory cards and a battery!
This is really an emotional spur of the moment shot so my only advice is: if you see something that grabs you, take a photo, the worst that can happen is you delete it later on, and the best is creating something beautiful.

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